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10 Dazzling Spanish Rap Songs That’ll Take You to Fluency

spanish rap songs

Centuries ago, English author William Congreve said, “music has charms to soothe a savage beast.”

Now I’m not sure about the beast part, but we have to agree—music makes us all feel good. There’s just something super fun about listening …

Insects in Spanish: 70+ Words to Buzz up Your Vocabulary

insects in spanish

Do you know that the first insects lived over 400 million years ago? That’s 400 millones de años (400 million years) in Spanish! That’s amazing, isn’t it—in either language!

Considering they’ve been around a whole lot longer than we …

8 Foolproof Intermediate Resources for Achieving B1 Spanish

b1 spanish


You’ve reached the end of the long tunnel known as “the beginner level.”

Now what?

In language learning, once we reach the end of one level, we simply go to the next. But making the leap from beginner to …

Furniture in Spanish: 50+ Must-know Words for Your Next Trip to Spain and IKEA

furniture in spanish

What’s something you think a lot about every day?

Your answer probably sounds something like, “my job,” “my family” or “what I’m going to eat for lunch.”

But I doubt “furniture” made it on your list.

Furniture might not be

50 Spanish Words About School to Jump-start Your Learning


I love school. There, I’ve said it.

And, I’m not kidding. I love school a whole lot!

And the truth is, so do a lot of people.

School is exciting. It’s particularly exciting if we’re talking about school in Spanish—or …

60 Spanish Art Words for a Colorful Vocabulary

spanish art words

Art soothes the senses, offers peace in troubled times and challenges us to see the world through the eyes of another.

If you’re like most of us, you appreciate art in some form.

Painting, sculpture, photography, sketching—there’s so much diversity …

Learn Spanish with Fairy Tales! 6 Enchanting Stories to Read and Watch Online

spanish fairy tales

Let’s be totally honest here: Everyone loves fairy tales. Am I right?

We all have a super soft spot for the stories we learned as children. They’re engaging, enchanting and full of excitement.

Filled with castles, creatures, heroic adventures …