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Kick It Old School: 10 CDs That’ll Teach You Spanish


How much time do you think you spend in a car every year?

Can’t be that much, right? To and from work… grocery shopping… a few weekend trips here and there…

You might not realize that the average American spends …

6 Fetching Sources for Spanish MOOCs Just for You


We know who your best friend is.

And we would never ask you to replace your furry companion.

But as a language learner, you’ll want to add MOOCs to your list of BFFs.  

MOOC is both a fun word, as …

Time for a Movie Break! 7 Awesome Movies to Stream in Spanish!


We need to relax.

That’s right.

We all lead ridiculously busy lives. Sometimes, too busy.

We could all do with a bit of down time—but make no mistake , “relaxing” means more than just putting our feet up and turning …

Spanish Typing Games: The End of Your Spanish Typing Woes


Fed up with your Spanish typing?

Never got around to installing a Spanish keyboard on your computer?

Never learned shortcuts for creating accent marks?

Still super slow at typing anything in Spanish because you don’t get any practice and …

Only the Best! 9 Killer Apps for Kids to Learn Spanish


Kids and Spanish?

A perfect combination for language-learning success.

Add an excellent app—or two—and you’ve just increased the chances of reaching fluency exponentially!

The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) ranks Spanish a category one language, which means it’s one of …

12 Wildly Addictive Spanish Spelling Games for the Inner Word Nerd


Listen, we all know that learning a new language has challenges. Lots of them. Spanish is no exception.

One of the biggest hurdles? Spelling. It’s a skill that takes time, patience and a whole lot of practice to master.

Some …

Beginner’s Luck: Where to Find the Best Online Spanish Courses for Beginner Learners


Your search is over.

You can kick your feet up and relax.

No more swimming in a sea of Google results.

No more sifting through recommendations from well-meaning friends.

We’ve got all the best online Spanish beginner courses right here