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How to Learn Spanish as a Family: 8 Lesson Resources Everyone in the House Will Love


“La manzana no cae lejos del árbol.” 

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

It’s how we say that kids are like their parents—or they learn through their parents’ example.

Learning Spanish with your kids is one of the

Learn Spanish Fast and Become Conversational in a Flash


Have you ever stopped to consider all the Spanish things that go fast?

No? Well then, take a minute. I’ll wait.

Go ahead, think of a few.

If you’re like me, your list includes fútbol, race car driver Fernando

5 Spanish Language Training Programs for Clearer Communication



We hear it all the time.

It’s the word we use to point out that there’s a distinction between youthfully carefree and, well, not-so-unencumbered.

The buzzword refers to establishing a career, making money, paying bills—in other words, …

Learn with Spanish Dictionaries for Kids: 7 Illustrated Volumes You’ll Love!


Have you ever been so excited by a book that you’ve felt blown right off your feet?

Or, if not completely off your feet, at least right out of your socks?

Don’t you just love when that happens?

There are …

Want a Family Vacation That Never Ends? 5 Immersion Programs to Travel and Learn Spanish


At first, it seems like a typical day.

You wake up, wash your face and put on a pot of coffee.

You call for the kids to get out of bed.

You pick up the paper and start reading the …

Home, Sweet Home: 6 Spanish Homestay Programs Around the World


Have you ever driven past houses and wondered what went on beyond the closed doors?

Or maybe you’ve walked down a city sidewalk after sunset, glanced up at a high-rise apartment and tried to imagine what the tenants were doing …

Jump-start Your Nicaraguan Spanish with These 8 Slang Terms


Do you hear it? Nicaragua calling out to you?

Visit to catch a glimpse of some beautiful but globally-threatened birds or gorgeous volcanoes.

Dine on the national food staple, gallo pinto (beans and rice—though, literally, it means something …