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Top 10 Spanish Slang Phrases to Speak Like a True Argentine

top 10 argentine spanish slang phrases to speak like a true argentine

Didn’t learn about Argentine Spanish at school?

Would you love to take a trip to the land of tango, beef and a lot of local slang? Or have an Argentine friend you want to impress?

You’re in luck.

Argentine Spanish …

5 Simple Rules You Must Learn to Build Basic Spanish Sentences

5 simple rules you must learn to build basic spanish sentences

You understand what’s going on, sort of.

You can sing along to a few Spanish songs, you get the gist of basic conversation, but you can’t string a sentence together.

Sound familiar?

The most likely explanation is that …

Top 13 Easy-to-read Spanish Books for Spanish Learners

easy to read spanish books

You know that feeling of satisfaction when you finally begin a conversation in Spanish?

What about the pleasure you experience from understanding movies or songs in Spanish?

Or when you finally understand who’s dating who in the dramatic world

The Ser vs. Estar Question: To Be or to Be?

the ser vs. estar question

To be or to be?

While the phrase doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as Hamlet’s famous words, it’s a question you might find yourself asking when faced with two Spanish verbs that both mean “to be”: ser

How to Improve Your Pronunciation Through Spanish Tongue Twisters

improve your pronunciation through spanish tongue twisters

Tongue twisters are just for kids, right?

Wrong. Tongue twisters, or trabalenguas, are an excellent tool to improve your Spanish pronunciation.

You’ve mastered Spanish gender, improved your listening and are able to start a conversation naturally.

Your pronunciation

Mastering the Spanish Present Tense: A Beginner’s Guide

mastering the spanish present tense a beginner's guide

So you’ve got your head around the rules of gender.

You can notice improvement in your Spanish listening and conversation skills.

Plus you’ve even been watching plenty of Spanish movies!

But something’s missing—your grammar is a mess.…

12 Terrific Ways to Practice Your Spanish Listening Skills

Nice Music

You’re listening to two native Spanish-speaking friends chit chat.

They were talking about some new restaurant just a minute ago, but now they’ve changed topic and you’re completely lost.

The speed isn’t helping either, and they show no signs of …