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8 Ways to Practice Reading Spanish Without Opening a Textbook

spanish reading practice

Textbooks are big, heavy and a real pain to lug around with you on the subway (or anywhere).

It’s time to lighten the load.

Textbooks are certainly useful, but let’s be honest: Sometimes we need to break free from formal

10 Spanish Language Drama Series to Dramatically Improve Your Learning

spanish drama series

Zap on the television and start flipping through channels—it’s time to study Spanish.

Or better yet, just open a new window on your browser and start streaming right now.

No matter which technology you prefer to use, learning Spanish really …

Tune In: Learn Spanish with the Radio in 6 Sound Steps

learn spanish radio

Even with the advent of brand new technologies and music libraries you can take with you anywhere you go, there’s one technology that still provides the soundtrack to our modern lives after so many years: the radio.

Listening to the …