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Anyone Can Make the Spanish rr Sound (And Here’s How You Can, Too)


When you ask English speakers what the hardest part of learning Spanish is, you’ll get a few responses over and over again:

Verb tenses. The subjunctive mood. The two forms of “to be” (ser and estar).

But …

Tener and Venir Made Easy: How to Master These 2 Important Irregulars


Learning Spanish can have many surprises and challenges.

You might find yourself asking some questions at your bewildered textbook:

Why are there so many verb conjugations?

How am I ever supposed to learn them all?

And why are some of

Read This, Y’all! Vosotros Commands Made Easy

vosotros commands

¡Escuchad! (Listen!)

¡Prestad atención! (Pay attention!)

Do I have your attention now?

Look closely at the commands above. Do they seem unfamiliar or strange to you?

If you learned Spanish in the Americas, it’s likely that they do, since those …

The Spanish “How Are You?” and 8 More Ways to Say It


“Hey, what’s up?”

“How’s it going?”

“How have you been?”

In our everyday encounters with other people, we use these phrases over and over.

They aren’t just simple questions—in fact, sometimes they aren’t really questions at all—but variations on a …

Thi Theñor: The Spanish “Lisp” (aka Ceceo) and Its Use


In my Spanish classes in the U.S., we never dealt much with European Spanish.

I have distinct memories of students asking what vosotros meant, and teachers responding: “Oh, you don’t have to worry about that!”

So when I …

The Complete User’s Guide to Volver A: How to Master the Phrase


One of the first Spanish-language musicians I started listening to was Juanes.

This was largely due to the fact that my high school Spanish teacher was a passionate Juanes fan. She frequently had us listen to and translate Juanes …

Spanish Conversation Topics: 7 Ways to Break the Ice


“What’s your name?”

“How are you?”

“Where are you from?”

Conversation exchanges are a great way to practice speaking Spanish.

But sometimes, especially in a group setting, you might find yourself repeating the same basic information over and over: …