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Spanish Sentence Structure: A Beginner’s Guide


Michael is studying Spanish by himself and although it’s his second year, he still struggles with grammar.

He decides it’s time to fully immerse himself in the language, so he travels to Madrid. There he meets Maite, a …

Spanish Grammar Rules: 7 Tricky Topics and How to Overcome Them

spanish grammar rules

Does Spanish grammar make you sweat?

Have you ever purposefully stayed away from using the word “for,” just to avoid choosing between por and para?

Or driven yourself crazy mixing up ser and estar?

I know how you …

How to Survive the Spanish Subjunctive

survive spanish subjunctive

I suffered from subjunctivitis for a long time.

Long after I had my forms of ser and estar (both meaning “to be”) straight…

Long after I was happily chatting away in the present tense

I was still floundering for …