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How to Use “Por” and “Para” Like a Native

por and para

Are you having the “Por and Para Syndrome”?

Are these two little prepositions rocking your boat?

Well I am glad you’ve found this post, because we’ll lead you to some smooth sailing straight ahead.

Por and para are two …

The No-sweat Guide to Learning the Spanish Passive Voice

no-sweat guide to learning the spanish passive voice

Oh, the passive voice!

The very thought of having to learn something that already sounds difficult in English appears horrifying, doesn’t it?

You think of all those times when you tried to avoid using it in your own language just …

Preterite and Imperfect: The Champion’s Guide to the Star Tenses of Spanish Past

preterite and imperfect champion's guide to the star tenses of spanish past

Without realizing it, I bet you’ve told several shocking lies while learning Spanish.

Lies through which you’ve effectively killed off a couple of people.

I can imagine you right now, thinking, “Say what? Hold on, Franko. What are you saying? …

Por qué vs. Porque: Make the 4 Spanish “Porques” as Clear as Day

por qué vs. porque

A tiny thing, like a space or an accent mark, can change the meaning of a sentence completely.

In fact, you could go from single to taken with just one space!

Don’t believe me? Check out these two sentences: …

Spanish Sentence Structure: A Beginner’s Guide


Michael is studying Spanish by himself and although it’s his second year, he still struggles with grammar.

He decides it’s time to fully immerse himself in the language, so he travels to Madrid. There he meets Maite, a …

Spanish Grammar Rules: 7 Tricky Topics and How to Overcome Them

spanish grammar rules

Does Spanish grammar make you sweat?

Have you ever purposefully stayed away from using the word “for,” just to avoid choosing between por and para?

Or driven yourself crazy mixing up ser and estar?

I know how you …