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3 Ways to Say “But” in Spanish (and Some Exercises to Learn Them!)

but in spanish

“But moooom!”

Even if you haven’t been on the receiving end of these words, you’re sure to have heard them at some point.

It might not come as a surprise that “but” is one of the most common words in

More Than Just Spanish: 6 Intriguing Languages Spoken in Spain


Did you know that only 72 percent of Spaniards speak Spanish as their first language?

Don’t panic: nearly all of the remaining 28 percent speak it as a second language, so your Spanish will still serve you well.…

Map to Online Spanish: 17 Sites Where Learners Get Fluent


You walk into the library.

Vast stretches of shelves surround you.

You’re looking for that beginner Spanish textbook with accompanying audio you’ve heard such great things about.

As you scan the rows of books, you start to wonder if …

Know Another “You:” How to Use the Voseo in Spanish


How many ways to say “you” can there be?!

You probably already know that Spanish has an informal and a formal “you.” For English speakers, it can take some time to get comfortable saying “you” in these two different ways.…

Spanish Sports Vocabulary: 66 Words and Phrases Every Athlete Needs to Know


When it comes to sports, the Spanish-speaking world is truly in a league of its own.

Spain and Latin America are famous worldwide for their legendary soccer teams.

Spanish speakers also dominate in a variety of other sports, ranging …