Skype Is the New Language Classroom: 6 Places to Find Russian Skype Lessons

Ah, Skype.

You use it to talk to loved ones across the country.

You use it to connect with friends traveling the world.

Have you ever thought about using it to learn a different language?

Although it may not be the most traditional method to learn Russian, like a Russian textbook or an online course, if you think about it, Skype is actually the perfect complement to your self-guided studies.

You can learn Russian from the comfort of your own home, within your desired budget, while only focusing on material you want or need to study! You can hear words pronounced by real Russians, ask questions and customize your lesson plan!

Never has learning Russian been so easy!

Why Use Skype to Learn Russian?

There’s a ton of reasons to utilize these online resources to learn Russian, but here are the top five:

  • While there are many great ways to learn Russian online, using Skype allows you to interact and practice with actual native Russians, hear vocabulary in the proper context, hear correct pronunciation and get clarification on tricky language issues like slang words and idioms. These are crucial activities for any Russian learner who wishes to gain fluency and it would be of great benefit to engage in them as often as possible; fortunately, FluentU, a language learning resource available online and in app form, can be a great training ground for just that.

    FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

    You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Click here to check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

    FluentU Ad

    With the fun and engaging manner of learning FluentU provides, one can confidently boost their abilities in understanding and speaking the language as natives would.
  • By seeing the other party on Skype, you can see how they use their jaws, lips and tongue to form those tricky Russian sounds. You can then emulate these movements to sound more natural.
  • With so many options available, you can easily fit these lessons into your budget.
  • There’s no need to commit to just one teacher! Take the opportunity to “shop around” and see how other teachers approach the topic.
  • You can ask questions and create personalized lessons for your needs. If you need to brush up on business terms, do so. If you’re cramming for a Russian test on a specific subject, get help with that!

The 6 Best Resources for Russian Lessons on Skype

We have scoured the web and found not one, not two, not three, but six of the very best resources for Russian lessons on Skype.

Moscow State University Russian Language Center (MGU)


Add this contact on Skype to get connected to one of their professional Russian language teachers. At the rate of 16 euros per 50 minutes, you can get a customized lesson designed for your needs. Connect to discuss what you’re looking for and create a schedule during a 15-minute consultation call for free!

The teachers are qualified to teach all levels, from beginner to upper-intermediate.

In addition to the Skype lesson, you can get free access to Russian language books that are part of the MGU library. Like in a traditional classroom, every lesson ends with a homework assignment.

Once you finish the lessons and achieve your goal of learning a topic or area, every student receives a Certificate of the Russian Language Center of MGU.



Preply is an online resource that connects individual teachers with students. The site currently has 1,071 Russian Skype tutors that are eager to teach you the language.

The site offers convenient filters that can help you narrow your search to your exact needs. Start by filtering tutor languages to Russian. Next, determine the price you’re able to pay (between $0 and $100). You can choose the country of birth of your tutor, what day of the week or time of day they’re available and if they’re a native speaker.

Furthermore, you can even choose tutors by specialty, such as business, conversational, intensive, beginners, literature and Russian for children.

Each tutor profile has their photo, name, rate, how many hours of tutoring they’ve conducted on the site, reviews and a description of their services.



This source offers professional, native Russian tutors to teach you the language. To make sure you’re advancing in your skills, the site helps you monitor your progress in different areas, such as speaking, listening, reading and writing. You can view common language standards along with your fluency level and progress.

Your tutor provides their feedback on your progress, making recommendations and suggestions to help you improve.

Choose from the multitude of Russian Skype tutors around the globe, and take a free trial class to see if Verbalplanet is right for your learning needs!

Russian for Free


Russian for Free is an online website that has provided over 100,000 online Skype lessons to people in over 50 countries. What sets this site apart from others is that they specialize in teaching only one language—you guessed it—Russian!

They can help beginner students learn the alphabet and other basics, as well as help intermediate and advanced students perfect their Russian skills with expert advice and exclusive learning materials.

Prior to the start of every Skype lesson, the student will receive learning materials and audio files required for the lesson. The lesson itself is 50 minutes long, and focuses on vocabulary, reading, conversation, grammar and exercises to solidify your knowledge.

You may be wondering why the Skype lessons require a fee if the name of the site is Russian for Free. The fact is that the site actually offers loads of free Russian material for the anxious language learner. And although the Skype lessons aren’t free, you’ll have plenty of available material to supplement your lessons at no additional cost!

Start with a trial class for only one euro to see what Russian for Free has to offer!

Live Lingua


Live Lingua is an online Russian immersion school that connects those wanting to learn Russian with teachers and staff.

The teachers from this school are native Russians, experienced in their craft and all possessing university degrees (many of them having Masters and Doctorate degrees).

The program is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and rated as one of the best entrepreneurial companies in America by Entrepreneur.

Start with a free one-hour trial lesson, and if you like it, purchase additional lessons cost for $19.99 to $24 per hour, depending on how many lessons you purchase.

Live Lingua has a few perks other Skype lesson resources don’t offer, such as 24/7 availability, a 100% secure website and the ability to purchase Skype lessons in bulk that never expire.

Browse their Russian tutor profiles to see each person’s photo, name and biography to choose the right teacher for you. In fact, you can try several tutors to see which one you like best before making a commitment.

Red Kalinka


This online Russian school offers a wealth of resources for those looking to improve their Russian skills. Video courses and audiobooks, online exercises and, of course, Skype lessons for students of the Russian language.

Red Kalinka connects native Russian teachers with students who work together to create a specialized program based on their proficiency levels. Beginner students are taught basic Russian words, intermediate students focus on grammar and listening comprehension, while advanced students move on to more difficult material.

The first 50-minute trial Skype class costs one euro, after that, students have the option to purchase a range of packages from one lesson to 40 at varying prices.

During the lessons, the tutors use exclusive Russian learning materials, such as video lessons, audiobooks and more!


Skype is easily accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone, making it easier than ever to get access to Russian lessons.

Skype helps you make the learning process interactive and fun, allowing you to ask questions and create a personalized experience. Plus, you can make a friend and have a reason to visit Russia!

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