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7 Russian Online Courses to Take Your Language Learning to the Next Level

You wouldn’t build a house without laying a foundation.

For anything to last, it needs a strong base to support it.

The same is true if you want to learn Russian.

Teaching yourself Russian can be an attractive option, but for long-term language success, you may want to take a Russian course.

But in-person Russian courses might not fit into your schedule.

Maybe they don’t even offer them where you live. Or maybe you just can’t be bothered to change out of your cookie-dough-stained sweatpants.

Luckily, dodging in-person courses doesn’t mean you can’t still take a great Russian course.

There are plenty of quality online Russian courses that can help you build the foundation you need without imprisoning your legs in real pants.

These seven online courses can jump start your learning and set you on the right path to long-term success!

What to Consider When Selecting a Russian Online Course

When selecting an online Russian course, the first thing you should consider is your goals. Knowing your goals can help you find a course that will support you in meeting those goals. For instance, if you want to improve your speaking skills, you may look for a course that focuses heavily on conversation.

Next, consider your time frame. How much time do you have available, and how much progress do you want to make in that time frame? Immersive courses yield quick progress but usually require more time upfront. Only have a few minutes per day? You might consider a course that will teach you Russian in bite-sized servings.

To find the right online Russian course for you, you must also think about your budget. There are options to learn Russian online for virtually any budget, whether you want to learn for free or are prepared to put up some money to find the best option for you.

Your personal learning style can also impact your choice of Russian online course. Online Russian lessons vary in style. Knowing your personal learning style can help you select what sort of course will be most effective for you.

Finally, it’s important to consider the format of the online Russian course you’re considering. Some lean more heavily on written instructions, some offer video, others use audio and some rely on interactive activities. If you pay attention to the format and take into account your personal learning style, you’re more likely to find a good match.

Build a Firm Foundation with These 7 Strong Russian Online Courses


Available: iOS | Android

russian online course

When you want the powerful learning of a Russian course but with more fun and greater flexibility, FluentU is a terrific tool to have in your arsenal.

Each video includes annotated captions, giving you quick, easy access to any word’s definition, example sentences and a related image.

If you’re looking to change up your studying with a fun activity, try Quiz Mode. Quiz Mode fuses videos, images and example sentences into activities and flashcards for fun, in-context learning.

FluentU is appropriate for any level of Russian student and can even grow with you as you progress. You choose what you watch and how often you watch. Meanwhile, FluentU’s algorithm tracks your learning to present you with level-appropriate questions that build on what you know.

You can use FluentU however it’s most convenient for you, whether you choose to use FluentU online, download the iOS app or check out the Android app.


Available: iOS | Android

russian online course

Mondly offers engaging, well-rounded Russian lessons that you can use from the comfort of your favorite device.

Mondly focuses on teaching students Russian through common phrases, allowing students to absorb grammar and vocabulary in a more natural context. The apps use audio by native speakers to help students perfect their pronunciation.

Students can access six lessons, a conversation and a vocabulary section for free. Each day, you’ll have access to a new free lesson, and there are weekly quizzes and monthly challenges to test your skills.

Premium members can enjoy more lessons, conversations, conjugation tables and speech recognition to help you fine-tune your speaking skills.

Everyday Russian

russian online course

Everyday Russian offers free lessons for all levels of Russian learners. That’s right: free lessons for all levels.

There are over 300 total lessons that cover grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and writing.

A lot of the lessons feature interactive activities to help you build your skills. For instance, audio dictation activities ask you to listen to audio and write what you hear, thereby testing both your listening and writing skills.

Once you think you have it down, you can compare what you wrote to a transcript of the audio. Audio files are also downloadable, so you can keep them with you even when you don’t have internet access.

Russian Made Easy

russian online course

Russian Made Easy offers 30 convenient lessons for beginning Russian students. Lessons cover basic vocabulary and grammar.

Each lesson features a podcast and exercises that you can listen to online or download. These lessons are also accompanied by written transcripts that you can view online or download as a PDF.

Russian Made Easy even offers video lessons that share the audio of the podcasts, which highlight key excerpts by providing written text on the screen.

Basic Russian with Alphabet, Reading, Writing, Flashcards!

russian online course

Basic Russian with Alphabet, Reading, Writing, Flashcards! is an introductory Russian course on Udemy, a platform for video courses.

The course offers 43 lectures that cover the alphabet, reading and vocabulary. Plus, the course covers Russian cursive, which many introductory courses gloss over or ignore altogether. In total, the course offers around 10 hours of learning content.

Moscow State University

russian online course

Do you wish you could study Russian at a real Russian university, but you aren’t quite ready to move abroad? With Moscow State University’s online Russian course, you can study at a leading Russian university without even traveling off your couch.

Lessons are offered via Skype, allowing you to choose your schedule. You can select to have one lesson a week or schedule multiple lessons per week. Moscow State University will put together your program of study and email you tutorials and assignments.

If you’re looking to impress your friends and family, you’ll even receive the Certificate of the Moscow State University Russian Language Centre once you’ve completed eight lessons.

Georgia Tech

russian online course

If you prefer a traditional classroom atmosphere but can’t make it to a university campus, you can take for-credit online Russian courses through Georgia Tech.

These courses meet online at a set time each week in a virtual classroom setting. The courses incorporate audio and sometimes video interactions. Outside of class, you’re also expected to do assignments, just like you would for an in-person course.

You’re most likely to find first- or second-year Russian courses available through Georgia Tech online. While the school occasionally offers higher level courses, this isn’t consistent.

Additionally, while these courses offer college credit, you’ll need to check with your home school if you want to transfer the credits in. A transfer admissions counselor, an adviser or your university registration department should be able to help you determine how the credits would transfer.


Ready to start building your foundation? Set your Russian education up for future success with these seven Russian online courses!

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