8 Awesome Movies for Russian Learners on Netflix


Want to learn Russian without leaving home, or even getting out of bed?

Now you can.

Don’t want to make the commitment of paying for Russian online courses or purchasing Russian textbooks?

No problem!

Netflix may not seem like …

7 Renowned News Resources Russian Learners Should Know


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Why not learn from a more natural language source, like a Russian newspaper or radio …

9 Dazzling Flashcards Apps for Learning Russian


Russian is an inherently flashy language.

It’s always finding new ways of catching your interest:

“Hey, look at this sophisticated Cyrillic alphabet!”

“Check out these fancy sound combinations!”

“Oh, how exciting/traumatizing the case system is!”

And obviously, the flashiest way …

How to Teach Yourself Russian in 8 Simple Steps


Some people are born with an independent streak.

They want to make their own decisions, chart their own paths.

But when it comes to learning Russian, charting your own path can be a bit more complicated.

There is so …

Toon Time: 8 Adorable Cartoons to Level Up Your Russian Learning


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The Best Russian Learning Tools: 3 from the US Gov’t + 10 More


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Are you a James Bond fan who’s enamored of the romantic image of Cold War espionage?

Do you want to be at the center of all the action, intrigue and secrecy of international …

The 16 Best Russian Textbooks and How to Pick the Perfect One for You


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Do need help getting started with reading