13 Outstanding Online Resources for Learning Real Russian


You spend so much of your life online these days, shopping, catching Pokémon, planning travel, playing games, looking for a date…

Why not use some of that time to learn Russian?

After all, it’s the answer to

7 Russian Learning Blogs You Should Be Rushin’ to Read


When learning a new language, it’s hard to be patient.

You just want to Russian.

If that means resorting to all sorts of different learning activities, Soviet.

Are these puns Putin you off yet?

Okay, then. Let’s get serious.

Once …

9 Elite Russian Podcasts for Winning Learners


Learning Russian is like a gymnastics routine.

Do everything right, and you make it look easy.

But if even one component is out of place, all your hard work and practice could devolve into an embarrassing mess.

The good news …

All In: 10 Quality Russian Learning Books for Rapid Language Acquisition


In the high-stakes world of Russian learning books, you have countless options for which card to play.

Do you go with an all-around book? Do you choose a good reading book? And how do you choose when there are so …

Milestone Madness: 12 Videos for Learning Russian and Measuring Your Progress at Any Level


So, you want to learn Russian?

Or you’re already learning it but looking to take things to the next level?

Launching your Russian into the fluency stratosphere isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be so hard, either.…

Learn Russian with 11 Entertaining TV Shows


In Soviet Russia, TV watches you.

Okay. Not really. TV is a one-way street regardless of a nation’s political leanings.

But that one-way street is also a superhighway of learning.

Yes, you can learn a language by watching TV.…

Learn Russian with Movies: 10 Super Russian Films for Your Study Kit


We all have those days.

You know, those days when you just want to curl up on the couch with a tub of popcorn, the remote and an improbable amount of candy.

But wait, you’re trying to learn Russian.…