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Rated R for Russian: How to Learn Real Russian with Subtitles


Wouldn’t it be nice if learning Russian was as easy as watching a movie?

Before you say “dream on!” you should know—sometimes it can be!

You just need to have the secret sauce.

While learning a language is …

How to Learn Russian by Reading: Maximum Fun, Minimum Frustration


According to a Russian saying, книга – ключ к знанию. (Books are the key to knowledge.)

That’s hardly news, is it? You already know you can learn a lot by reading.

But have you tried improving your Russian knowledge by …

A Step-by-step Guide to Improving Russian Listening Skills


So let’s say you’ve started watching Russian movies, listening to Russian music and tuning into Russian radio…

And you’ve noticed a little hitch.

Despite all you’ve learned, you’re still not understanding as much as you’d like.

I could tell …

Live and Breathe Russian? Check Out These 10 Radio Stations for Language Learning


When you’re traveling, it feels like there’s something different in the atmosphere—as if the air itself is soaked with the region’s language.

Every time I’ve returned to the U.S. from Russia, I’ve thought, man, wouldn’t it be nice to be

Easy Reading: How to Find and Enjoy Russian Short Stories for Beginners


Classic Russian literature is one of the best reasons to learn Russian.

If you dream of reading in Russian (or enjoying some sweet audiobooks), you’ve got some of the best material in the world to choose from.

From …

Lifestyles of the Russian and Famous: 8 Popular Russian Singers You Should Know


How’s your Russian pop culture checklist doing these days? Let’s take a look…

You’ve watched some movies in Russian? Check.

Exploded from the cuteness of popular Russian cartoons? Check (and still picking up the pieces).

Found a couple …