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Learning That Will Draw You In: 7 Sources of Russian Comics





To some, these exclamations may simply sound like fun and excitement.

But we’ll let you in on a little secret: While comics can be incredibly enjoyable to read, they can also be a great tool for 

Get an Assist! 7 Places to Find Your Perfect Russian Tutor


Even the best athletes sometimes need an assist.

After all, it’s hard to dribble a ball from one end of the court to the other and make the game-winning shot all by yourself.

The same is true of learning Russian.…

Russian Alphabet Songs: 8 Tunes for Your Russian ABCs


Growing up, learning your ABCs seemed epically important.

Not to mention fun!

Sure, the alphabet song may have tricked you into thinking el-em-en-oh-pee and and were letters, but chances are that it brought you more success than embarrassment.


Russian Dialogues for Beginners: 8 Everyday Chitchat Sources


What’s your name?

How are you?

What would you like to eat?

Phrases like these are so common that you probably think nothing of them in your native language.

They’re second nature, just like breathing, sleeping and placing your Starbucks …

The Tear-free Guide to Learning Russian Cursive


Its entrancing beauty is undeniable.

It will lure you in for a closer look.

But once you’re there, it might just reach up, grab you and make you beg for mercy.

Yes, Russian cursive is beautiful but deadly.

While it’s …

Russian Movies with Russian Subtitles: 5 Learning Hotspots


You like your tea served from a proper samovar.

You enjoy your blinis with a high-end caviar.

You prefer your sauna experience with a shot of vodka and a good birch branch thrashing. (Bruises? Who minds those?)

And when you …

Russian Food Vocabulary: 70 Words to Satisfy Your Hanger


Hunger can make you do crazy things.

It can make you hangrily yell at your friends.

It can make you eat foods that you know are digestively dangerous.

It can even make you purposefully speed in front of a cop …