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10 Diverse Countries that Speak Russian: A Grand Tour of the Russophone World

countries that speak russian

Spanish students may talk up how their language of choice is spoken all over the Western Hemisphere.

French students might be proud that they can communicate with people throughout Europe, Canada and much of Africa.

But Russian students have their …

Get Your Shop On with 60 Essential Words and Phrases for Shopping in Russian

shopping in russian

We all need to shop from time to time.

Maybe it’s a quick jaunt to the supermarket to buy your frozen pizza supply for the week.

Maybe it’s a lengthy trip to a shopping center to browse for the latest …

It’s a Beautiful Day to Talk About the Weather in Russian

weather in russian

Sure is a nice day, huh?

Oh boy, it’s going to be a hot one today!

How about that storm last night.

You’ve probably uttered these types of phrases on more than one occasion when you’ve found yourself in a …

31 Must-know Words to Talk About Your Family in Russian

family in russian


They pick you up when you’re down.

They celebrate your successes.

They pretend to not notice when you trip over your tongue (or they laugh so hard that they cry).

Family is likely one of the most important things …

16 Russian Colors for Painting a Vivid Picture with Your Vocabulary


Colors are some of the first words children learn.

The ball is red.

The dog is brown.

The toy is yellow. 

While these terms come naturally in your first language, they may not come as naturally when you’re studying a …

16 Dreamy Russian Terms of Endearment to Try on Your S.O.


He’s your honey.

She’s your dear.

They’re your darlings.

When you’re really fond of someone, sometimes you just want to express it by using cutesy terms of endearment.

Luckily, if you’re learning Russian and can’t resist a good pet name, …

Learn Russian on YouTube and Master the Basics in Just Under 7 Hours


Have you ever tried to run wearing only one shoe?

What about driving with a flat tire?

If so, you know what it’s like to try to deal with something that’s imbalanced or uneven.

The same thing can happen to …