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The Trailblazer’s Guide to Asking for Directions in Russian

directions in russian

I am not lost! I know exactly where I am!

Each one of us these days can make this statement fairly confidently, regardless of how far away from the beaten path we may find ourselves.

After all, we all carry …

Body Parts in Russian from the Crown of the Head to the Heels

body parts in russian

“Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes…”

It’s probably safe to assume you’re familiar with this classic¬†children’s song.

And it’s no wonder! It’s been around for nearly 70 years and can be heard in preschools all over …

How to Say No in Russian: 14 Phrases to Decline in Style

how to say no in russian

Imagine you are invited for dinner at a friend’s house.

Everything is incredibly tasty, and your gracious host is asking you whether you would like another helping of her famous borscht.

Nothing would make her happier than hearing you …