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These 13 Resources Can Teach You How to Learn Russian Grammar





These are just a few words that come to mind when we think of Russian grammar.

No matter what level of learner you are, Russian grammar just looks terrifying.

Ask any intermediate or advanced learner …

Show Your Gratitude with These 8 Ways to Say Thank You in Russian


Think of how often we throw around the phrase “thank you” in English.

When someone we love compliments us. When a friend helps us out with something. When a family member passes the бефстроганов (beef stroganoff) at supper.

Tiny gestures …

Russian Rokulette: 5 Russian Roku Channels for Smart Surfing


Much of the world hasn’t had the chance to experience Russian television.

And that’s kind of a bummer because it can be incredibly entertaining.

From news to talk shows to documentaries and original Russian classic films, there’s a ton …

The Best TV for Russian Learners via 5 Handy Android Apps


Who isn’t a little addicted to television?

We get it. It’s okay.

We understand the weird anxiety that bubbles up when you finish a series in its entirety and the satisfying joy of finally coming home to your favorite streaming …

7 Rich Russian Movies for Christmas, New Year’s and Beyond


Christmas is just around the corner.

One of the best things about the holiday season is having the time to lounge, eat a great Christmas feast and fall asleep to yet another obligatory Christmas film.

But you don’t have to …