25+ of the Very Best Online Tools for Learning Portuguese


Practice makes perfect, right?

That’s more true than ever when it comes to learning Portuguese.

Luckily, the internet has gifted us with many opportunities to thrive.

Think about your real-life experiences: Making a connection with native Portuguese speakers, who …

Improve Your Portuguese Listening Skills with 5 Practice Hacks


I concur with David Nunan when he calls listening “the Cinderella of second language learning.”

Listening is always lying in the shadows of her older stepsisters: speaking, reading and writing.

While there’s undoubtedly value in being able to communicate in …

10 Fab, Famous Portuguese-language Singers from Portugal and Brazil


Do you know who’s who in the Portuguese-speaking world?

Which singers are setting native speakers on fire?

Which singers are thought of fondly by people of all ages?

Which melodic hits will you hear on an infinite replay loop in …

The 8 Best Brazilian and Portuguese Movies for Authentic Language Learning


Luzes, câmera, ação! 

That’s the Brazilian Portuguese version of “lights, camera, action!”—and you’re about to need it.

Prepare yourself for a Portuguese movie night of epic proportions.

You won’t just be watching amazing flicks that might just become your new …

The 5 Best Brazilian and European Portuguese Textbooks for Any Learner


Think of a good Portuguese textbook as a guide into the wild jungle of the Portuguese language—a guide who knows all of the shortcuts and tricks to navigating this difficult terrain.

Have you found yours yet?

The best textbooks

6 Portuguese Dictionary Apps for Your Smartphone That Are Hella Handy


Need to look up an intriguing word you came across at a marabenta party on a beach in Mozambique?

Heard cool new vocabulary at a samba rock dance in São Paulo, or a fado concert in Lisbon?

Just snuggled up …

The 9 Key Online Tools for Your Portuguese Learning Adventure


If you want to learn Portuguese, you should really hop on a plane to São Paulo, pop over to Vila Madalena, and immerse yourself in endless wild evenings of great food, caipirinhas and samba rock.

You’ll be fluent