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The Simple Guide to Portuguese Numbers and How to Use Them


Picture this: you’ve just arrived in a Portuguese speaking country.

As you exit the airport and get into a cab, your driver asks for your hotel’s address—can you tell him the street number?

Let’s fast forward a bit.

You’ve …

How to Improve Your Portuguese Speaking Skills in 8 Steps


Maybe you’re tired of people mishearing what you say.

Perhaps you’re fed up with repeating yourself over and over again.

Or maybe you don’t have enough confidence to even speak up in the first place.

Whatever is motivating you to …

Essential Brazilian Portuguese Grammar: 8 Rules to Remember


Fluency and grammar go hand-in-hand.

There really is no way around it: To speak correctly, you have to know the rules of the language.

If you’ve chosen to study Brazilian Portuguese, specifically, the list of rules you’ll need to learn …

Sounds Like…: English-Portuguese Cognates Sure to Look Familiar

english portuguese cognates

Does your Portuguese vocabulary need a quick boost? 

Then have we got some great news for you.

See, you’re currently sitting on a goldmine of information that you haven’t dug into yet.

We’re not talking about the hundreds of online

Perfect Your Portuguese Word Order Skills in 4 Steps


Portuguese learn you do to want?

Sorry, I mean: Do you want to learn Portuguese

Wow! Placing words into their correct spots in a sentence makes a world of a difference, doesn’t it?

If you were studying, say, Japanese, …

Local Lingo: 16 Brazilian Slang Words to Speak Like a Native


Visiting Brazil can mean a lot of things.

It can mean experiencing the iconic carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro.

Or it can mean sampling street food while embracing the urban hustle and bustle of São Paulo.

But however …

How to Learn Portuguese Grammar: 5 Steps to Successful Sentence Structure


You’ve put it off as long as possible.

You tell yourself that you’ll pick it up as you go along.

You’re dreading the day you have to sit down and actually learn it.

Ah grammar! How we love to hate …