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Home Away from Home: 5 Homestay Brazil Programs for Portuguese Immersion


When I first got to Brazil, I saw people giving each other beijinhos (kisses) to greet each other. It didn’t seem that strange—until I actually had to do it.

Giving a beijinho is simple: All you do is …

5 Steps to Learn Portuguese Reading and 10 Websites to Practice Your Newfound Skills


We all know the three Rs: reading, writing and arithmetic.

There are two things we know about these Rs: spelling is clearly not on the list for a reason and it’s incredibly important to know the three skills in order

75+ Portuguese Travel Phrases and Words for 1 Awesome Trip


During my first day living in Brazil, I didn’t use the bathroom all day.

I knew how to say “Where’s the bathroom?” in Portuguese. So why did I suffer all day long?

I was too embarrassed to talk.

I don’t …