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Game On! The Ultimate Guide to Learning Portuguese by Playing Games

Young man playing computer games at home

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but turning his work into “all play” will make Jack a fabulous Portuguese speaker.

It’s high time I delved into ludology (fancy talk for “study of games and gaming”) and …

5 Addictive YouTube Channels for Learning Portuguese


I’ll never forget that scene in “The Office” where Michael Scott confesses to his whole team how, upon discovering YouTube, he didn’t work for five days and instead just watched Cookie Monster singing “Chocolate Rain” on a loop.

I …

9 of the App-solute Best Apps for Serious Portuguese Learners


I remember the days when the most exciting thing you could do on your phone was conquer the Snake game.

Fast-forward to now, and “there’s an app for that” has become something of a mantra.

Our phone screens are becoming …

10 Websites That Make Learning Portuguese a Walk in the Park


“Water, water everywhere and all the drops to drink.”

That’s how I would describe the current world of online language acquisition. There are so many options out there, you don’t even know where to start.

As the World Wide …

Improve Your Portuguese Listening Skills Today with 5 Practical Tips


I concur with David Nunan when he calls listening “the Cinderella of second language learning.”

It’s always been lying in the shadows of her older stepsisters—speaking, reading and writing.

While there’s undoubtedly value in being able to communicate in your …