12 Simple Ways to Get Foreign Language Immersion Without Going Abroad


Living abroad is arguably the best way to learn a foreign language.

Can’t hop on a plane tomorrow?

Stay tuned. You’re about to learn how to simulate foreign language immersion.

Lots of us language learners are far, far away …

The 5 Big Advantages to Learning Multiple Languages at Once

5 big advantages to learning multiple languages at once

So, you’re learning Korean, Spanish and French at the same time?

You’re definitely not one to shy away from a challenge.

It doesn’t matter how much you love languages—learning a few at once can be tricky.

Think back to …

Learning Language Through Music: 3 Keys to Unlock Any Language


What do “Macarena,” “Gangnam Style” and “Lambada” have in common?

Besides being humongous hits, practically enshrining their artists in the hall of fame, each song just might be one of the most effective ambassadors

7 Killer Ways to Use Technology for Instant Language Learning

7 killer ways to use technology for instant language learning

Imagine that you live in a world where there are no cars, iPhones, laptops, ATMs, TVs and no internet.

What would your typical day look like?

What would you do first thing in the morning? How about the rest of …

5 Unconventional Tips for Becoming a Polyglot

5 unconventional tips for becoming a polyglot

Becoming a polyglot is serious business…or, is it?

All over the world, you’ll find average, everyday people speaking 2 or more languages. 

Like, no big deal.

In the United States, we often think that polyglots, or those who speak multiple …

4 Simple Yet Powerful Strategies to Learn a Language by Listening

4 powerful strategies to learn a language by listening

Let’s dive into “The 13th Warrior.”

This movie stars Antonio Banderas as a court poet, Ahmad ibn Fadlan, banished to a distant land because he fell in love with the wrong woman—the lady of some big shot, definitely above his …

Learning Languages Through Movies at Any Skill Level

learning language through movies

The question of whether or not learning language through movies actually works has been hotly debated by language experts and teachers over the years.

The verdict?

Well, I argue that foreign language movies are an absolutely vital part of any …

How to Learn a Language Fast: 5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success

how to learn a language quickly

What if I told you the ordinary ways of learning a language aren’t actually that helpful?

What if I also told you those same methods are not only ineffective, but a huge waste of time?

Yes, it’s true. But your …

8 Ways to Get Daily Language Practice on Your Coffee Break


Finding the time to practice is one of the hardest things about learning a language.

It should be one of the easiest, but with our increasingly busy lifestyles and the never-ending list of things to do, it’s often pushed to …

How to Learn a Language by Yourself: 5 Rockstar Tips for Success

how to learn a language by yourself 5 rockstar tips for success

So you’ve decided that you want to learn a second language.

Rock on! Good for you!

But now what? How are you going to do this on your own?

Are you aiming too high? Can you really learn a language …