It’s Almost Here… The FluentU iPhone App is Launching on May 28!

It’s official…

After 19 months of development, our iPhone app is finally launching on May 28.

Now you can learn a language with real-world videos no matter where you are.

We know you’ll love it.

But don’t take our word …

5 Yummy Ways to Kickstart Language Immersion with Food

language immersion

Yes, you read the title correctly.

Does it sound too delicious to be true?

If you’ve decided to learn another language, you can actually start the process with something that you (love to) come into contact with regularly every …

How to Learn Faster with the Best Foreign Language Audiobooks


Want to level-up your language skills?

First tip: give your headphones and speakers the workout of their life.

Now listen up while we convince you that audiobooks are an awesome language-learning tool to get you on track with those ambitious

One Stupidly Easy E-book Hack That’ll Supercharge Your Language Learning

language learning ebook

Reading a full-length book in a foreign language without much prior reading practice?

That’s like trying to run a marathon without any training.

Sure, it’s a great idea in theory, but you’re unlikely to reach your end goal without petering

Why Embracing Metacognition Is the Best Language Learning Method

best language learning method

Remember college chemistry class the night before any big exam?

You didn’t even need to be in the chemistry class—you could still tell exactly who was in the midst of a major, all-night cram session.

But how many times have …

How to Learn a Language Faster with Foreign Magazines

foreign language magazines

Imagine this: outdoors, sunshine, cup of coffee and a magazine.

That could be your new study routine.

I love magazines.

When you have lofty language learning goals, you need to give yourself a break from time to time.

Magazines …

Giveaway: Win a Lifetime Subscription to FluentU!

smiling face emoticon

In celebration of our upcoming iPhone app launch on May 28, we’re doing a giveaway!

One lucky winner will get a lifetime subscription to FluentU, the best way to learn a language with music videos, movie trailers, news, and …

How Polyglots Learn Languages and Stay Sane: Gems of Wisdom from 10 of the Best

how polyglots learn language

Ever wondered how polyglots do it?

Does your mouth water every time you read about Luca Lampariello, who speaks more languages than he has fingers, or Donovan Nagel who can order good food in practically any restaurant on this …

The Art of Online Language Exchange with Skype

skype language exchange

By the end of this post, you’ll have done 3 huge things.

1. You’ll have saved yourself $1,200.

2. You’ll be able to meet someone who’ll drastically change the trajectory of your linguistic journey.

3. You’ll look at Skype in …

How to Score Foreign Language Practice on a Native Speaker’s Home Turf

foreign language practice

Hey, can a native English speaker get a little help around here?

No no, not that kind of help!

The last thing you need is another eager local to tell you how to get wherever you’re going…in English.

You’d rather …