7 Tried and True Language Learning Techniques for Any Skill Level

language learning techniques

Curse words are often the first things people learn in a foreign language.

That’s because they get the most mileage—especially when you’re frustrated tackling beginner lessons.

Learning a new language is one of the hardest things you can do.

There, …

How to Improve Language Listening Skills: 5 Secrets for Success


Listening is the mother of all language skills.

Okay, so traditionally it’s been treated more like the under-appreciated younger brother of language skills. But it should be the mother of all language skills.

Remember at school, when you were supposed …

Split It Up: The Top Technique for Learning Vocabulary in Another Language


You’ve come here because you’re thinking: Why the %#@! can’t I learn foreign vocabulary?


Let me ask you a few questions before we proceed.

Is your brain all muddled up with huge lists of words but unable to deploy

The Dynamic Duo: Music and Language Learning Join Forces

music and language learning

Music and language learning is the best combo since peanut butter and jelly.

I boosted my Spanish to fluency by listening to Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony and Shakira at full blast. I got truly passionate about Portuguese after discovering Joao …

3 Surprising Advantages of Learning a Foreign Language at Home

learning a foreign language at home

We’ve all heard it before:

The best way to learn a foreign language is to live abroad.

You need to immerse yourself if you ever want to really learn.

There is no way to master a language without spending

6 Fab Tricks to Learn Any Language on a Busy Schedule

learn any language

Want to speak another language?

Having trouble finding the time to learn?

What if I told you that with a little creativity and planning ahead, you could work language learning into a busy schedule?

That’s right—language learning …

Efficient Multitasking: How to Learn Different Languages at Once

how to learn different languages

Quick question: What’s even better than mastering a foreign tongue?

Why, mastering two foreign languages, of course!

If you’ve ever dreamed of studying multiple languages at once, you’re not alone.

While the very concept perplexes traditional students …

How to Amaze Natives with Your Foreign Language Pronunciation

foreign language pronunciation

“I would like a sheet of paper,” says the man. His accent is unmistakably foreign.

“Excuse me?” asks the woman behind the desk who sounds like someone has just insulted her mother.

“I need a sheet of paper. To write …

Book Smarts: 5 Tips for Selecting the Best Foreign Language Textbooks

foreign language textbooks

Got textbooks?

If not, it’s time to load up! Textbooks are a staple of any balanced language learning diet.

Sure, there are lots of great ways to study a language.

You can listen to music, watch movies

12 Case-cracking Phrasebooks Online for Identifying Mystery Vocabulary


You’ve heard that phrases are a great way to learn foreign vocabulary.

You’d love to start sentence-mining like a pro.

You want to know how to mix and match vocabulary like a native.

One problem.

How do you find phrases