The Proven 5-Step Formula for Masterful Reading in a Second Language

reading in a second language

How do you approach reading in your target language?

If you’re anything like me, up until now it’s all been a bit haphazard.

You’ve heard that reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary. You think you should …

15 Amazing Reasons to Start Learning a Foreign Language Right Now

reasons to learn a foreign language

If you’re not already learning a language, you’re running late.

You should have started yesterday!

But why should you learn a foreign language?

A better question might be, why should you not learn a language?

I mean, do you love …

The 6 Best Sources of Language Learning Videos on the Internet

language learning videos

Do you want to take learning a second language to the next level?

Do you really want to immerse yourself, really?

I just wanna make sure because there are many people out there who say they’d love to get …

How Do Children Learn Language? 4 Big Takeaway Lessons for Language Learners

how do children learn language

Hey, guys. Remember that viral YouTube video “Charlie bit my finger”?

It made the rounds online a few years ago and those adorable brothers became instant internet sensations.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s what happened:

Harry, the older …

6 Undeniable Reasons to Learn a Second Language

reasons to learn a second language

The modern world is a hectic place.

It makes us look at everything as a cost versus benefit situation.

You might ask yourself “why should I find the time to learn a new language?”

Everyone knows it’s hard work to

3 Creative Language Learning Methods: Improve Fluency with Translation

language learning method

So, you think you’ve tried every language learning strategy?

Think there are no stones left unturned?

Let’s go to the checklist:

Flashcards? Check!

Follow-along podcasts? Check!

Books and e-books? Check!

Cooking shows? Check!

Foreign movies? Check!

Foreign songs? Check!…

6 Reasons Learning to Speak Another Foreign Language Is Easier Than the First

learn to speak another language

If you’ve learned to speak one foreign language, you know that learning a language is not a quick, easy feat.

It requires time, perseverance and lots of work.

But you also know that learning a language is rewarding, useful

Flashcard 411: Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Language Learning Flashcards

language learning flashcards

When we were kids, nobody wanted to be the nerdy flashcard kid.

Now that we’re all grown up, being a nerd is where it’s at.

They used to call the studious kids “nerds,” just because they were using their big …

Can You Truly Learn a Language by Watching Movies and TV?


Think over this familiar scenario:

You finally put together a great and useful phrase which will enable you to get around in another country or communicate with a foreign colleague. Something along the lines of, “Excuse me, could you

How to Fail Epically at Self-teaching Any Language

self teach language

Have you heard the crazy idea that learning a language should be fun?

I’m writing this post because I’m greatly concerned.

This whole “fun learning” business is really an epidemic that’s catching like wildfire among language learners.

Learning is fun?…