21st Century Learning: 4 Smart Strategies to Master a Foreign Language Online

learning a foreign language online

Mastering a foreign language requires access to the best language instructors, curriculum and exchange partners.

What’s a modern language lover to do?

Why, turn to the Internet of course!

With its dizzying array of educational blogs, entertaining videos and training

The Sound of Science: 9 Proven Techniques for Incredible Language Listening

language listening

How did you learn your first language?

Well, you listened to people talking around you, and it just sort of happened.

Your infant brain gobbled all those words and grammatical structures right up before you even knew what language …

Get Your Game On! 13 Fun Foreign Language Games to Boost Your Vocabulary

foreign language games

Before you begin to read this post, ask yourself these two questions:

Do you love playing games?

Do you love learning new languages?

If you’ve answered “yes” to both of these questions, then definitely keep reading because this …

4 Hacks for Learning a Language Through Immersion Without Breaking the Bank

immersion language learning

Complete language immersion is within your grasp.

That’s right.

You have the ability to learn a language by being immersed in it, whenever and wherever you want.

Whether or not you’re in college, or going to college anytime soon.…

Why Being Bilingual Is Important for Yourself and Your Community

the importance of being bilingual

It’s 7 p.m. Work’s done and dinner’s been had.

When all else is taken care of, it’s time to study!


Or maybe it’s time to check Facebook. Or binge watch Netflix. Or play video games. Or check …

8 Questions Every Language Learner Has About Language Conversation Exchanges

Language conversation exchange

Word on the street is that all the kids are doing LCEs.

Oh, sorry—are you new to getting your language learning kicks online?

Thanks to the Internet, the world is your oyster. It turns out that language learning on your …

Introducing the FluentU iPad App

[iPad] word lookup

The wait is over!

After months of development, we’ve finally released our iPad app.

It brings the best of FluentU – learning languages with real-world videos like music videos, movie trailers, news, and more – to the iPad.

And …

3 Key Rules for Successfully Learning a New Language Online

learning a new language online

Wondering if online language learning is for real?

If so, you probably have a lot of questions running through your head:

Is learning a language online just some weird fad, or is it actually a thing that works?

Do people

Update: Blazing Fast Search!

In our 5th year of operation, we’ve had a fortunate problem.

We have too much content.

Too much authentic goodness like music videos, entertaining commercials and TV show segments.

For example, for Chinese we have 1,800+ videos, 450+ audio files …

7 Tried and True Language Learning Techniques for Any Skill Level

language learning techniques

Curse words are often the first things people learn in a foreign language.

That’s because they get the most mileage—especially when you’re frustrated tackling beginner lessons.

Learning a new language is one of the hardest things you can do.

There, …