6 Fab Tricks to Learn Any Language on a Busy Schedule

learn any language

Want to speak another language?

Having trouble finding the time to learn?

What if I told you that with a little creativity and planning ahead, you could work language learning into a busy schedule?

That’s right—language learning …

Efficient Multitasking: How to Learn Different Languages at Once

how to learn different languages

Quick question: What’s even better than mastering a foreign tongue?

Why, mastering two foreign languages, of course!

If you’ve ever dreamed of studying multiple languages at once, you’re not alone.

While the very concept perplexes traditional students …

How to Amaze Natives with Your Foreign Language Pronunciation

foreign language pronunciation

“I would like a sheet of paper,” says the man. His accent is unmistakably foreign.

“Excuse me?” asks the woman behind the desk who sounds like someone has just insulted her mother.

“I need a sheet of paper. To write …

Book Smarts: 5 Tips for Selecting the Best Foreign Language Textbooks

foreign language textbooks

Got textbooks?

If not, it’s time to load up! Textbooks are a staple of any balanced language learning diet.

Sure, there are lots of great ways to study a language.

You can listen to music, watch movies

12 Case-cracking Phrasebooks Online for Identifying Mystery Vocabulary


You’ve heard that phrases are a great way to learn foreign vocabulary.

You’d love to start sentence-mining like a pro.

You want to know how to mix and match vocabulary like a native.

One problem.

How do you find phrases

5 Major Hurdles to Polyglot Language Learning and How to Jump Them

polyglot language learning

It doesn’t matter how many languages you’ve learned before. Sometimes, that next one is surprisingly difficult to start.

Before you got started, you were thinking: This next language should be easy!

After all, you’re already fluent in (at least) …

Why Any Adult Can Learn a Second Language Like Their Younger Self

can adults learn a second language

Children are like sponges.

They can absorb foreign languages so quickly.

How many of you have heard this before?

Society is flooded with messages telling you who is and who isn’t good at learning a language.

And if you asked …

Listen Up: The 5 Best Audio Programs for Learning a Language

best audio language learning

It’s time to get back on the right track.

As an adult, you might find it frustrating to struggle with language learning while young kids become fluent just like that .

You’ve probably heard people say, “Kids absorb knowledge like

1 Day After Launch, FluentU iPhone App is Already #67 Among Free Educational Apps!


The FluentU app is now available for download!

1 day after launch, our first 44 reviews are in, and FluentU is already ranking #67 among free education apps in the US app store!

What are users saying?

I have waited

What Bilingual Children Can Teach Us About Adult Language Learning

bilingual learning

It’s easy to be jealous of children who grow up bilingual.

They seem to effortlessly learn new words and develop fluent pronunciation, while we adults review the same material over and over and struggle to trill our “r”s.…