5 Outstanding Online Language Labs That Have Revolutionized Our Learning

online language lab

Nerdy guys in lab coats.

White mice in cages.

Colored liquids in test tubes and beakers.

These images may come to mind when we talk about a “laboratory.”

But you’ll never find any of these inside a language laboratory. No …

Sweet Deal! 15 Online Language Learning Tools That’ll Make You Feel Like a Kid in a Candy Store

language learning tools

There’s no denying it.

Technology just makes things easier.

Did you ever have the experience of hearing a song that just blew you away…and then not being able to find out what it was?

It was frustrating, even painful. But …

The 11 Easiest Languages to Learn Depending on Your Native Language and Learning Style

easiest language to learn

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one that I didn’t have to hike, struggle and bushwhack through.

When it comes to learning a language to fluency, that could make all the difference.

Let’s face …

5 Secrets of Input-based Language Learning That Won’t Leave You out in the Cold

input based language learning

Do you wish you could learn a language through TV and movies?

Maybe you’ve tried textbooks and classes, but they just don’t work for you.

Or maybe you’re an introvert who’s terrified by the prospect of finding language partners online …

Do You Know the Best Way to Learn a Language Quickly?

best way to learn a language

What’s faster than a cheetah?

Give up?

The peregrine falcon.

This bird can reach speeds over 200 miles per hour. Wowzer!

This happens when the falcon is diving to catch its prey.

And it’s able to get to those speeds …

How Not to Study a Language: 7 Common Mistakes You Might Be Making

how to study a language

We all make mistakes.

There, it’s out there.

That’s probably no big news—but when you learn a foreign language, you might be surprised by just how many mistakes you end up making.

Too many language learners assume that …

Learn to Speak a Foreign Language from Scratch in 8 Steps

learn to speak a foreign language

Learning a new language can be an emotional roller coaster.

You’ll hit plenty of highs—now we’re going to help you avoid the lows.

At first, there’s something magical about the newness of it all.

The new sounds. The new

How an Elephant Named Butterfly Can Insanely Enhance Your Memory for Language Learning

memory language learning

There is an elephant named Butterfly.

But you have the hardest time remembering her name.

So let’s try a little exercise: Picture the elephant in your mind. Now make her ears spread out wide, as if they were wings.

In …

Reaching New Heights: How to Learn Multiple Languages to High Levels of Fluency

how to learn multiple languages

So you want to be a polyglot?

It’s not exceptionally difficult to learn how to ask for the bathroom or say “I love you” in 20 different languages.

But learning multiple languages to a high level of fluency—such …

You’ll Love Soaking Up Foreign Language Books with These 8 Extensive Reading Activities

extensive reading activities for teaching language

Uh, oh. That book just came out.

Cancel all meetings. Postpone all plans with friends. Hire a dog/cat sitter for several days.

Do anything important now, because once that book is in your hands… nothing is going to get …