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Sick of Not Knowing Korean? 50+ Medical Korean Words and Phrases to Make You Feel Better

medical korean

It seemed like a dream.

The year 2020 will always be remembered as the year COVID-19 sent the human population into “the Great Lockdown.”

Buildings and offices were shuttered, schools were closed and even restaurants were forced to …

20 Must-know Body Parts in Korean: From Head to Toe (And Everything in Between!)

body parts in korean

Body shaming? There’s none of that here!

Whether round, fit, short or tall, we’re all beautiful in our own unique way. (Just ask our moms.)

Want to learn to talk about bodies and parts of the body in Korean?

Today, …

12 Ways to Say Thank You and You’re Welcome in Korean

thank you in korean

“Thank you” is one of the first things you learn to say as a kid.

It’s also one of the first things you tend to learn when starting a new language.

And there’s no question as to why that’s …

Short & Sweet: A Quick Guide to Korean Text Slang for the Modern Learner

korean text slang

Do you remember the first time you encountered slang in a text message?

Probably not, because for those of us in the digital know-how, it has become so ingrained in our lives that typing out the LOLs and IDKs …

Korean Verb Conjugation: A Beginner’s Dream Guide to Mastery

korean verb conjugation

Is the dream versus the reality of learning Korean holding you back?

Korean may seem like an intimidating language to learn, but I assure you, it’s not as difficult as you may think!

While the grammar and alphabet are

Talking About Family in Korean: Essential Vocabulary, Titles and Cultural Norms

family in korean

With big families, it’s always a struggle to remember everyone’s name.

Now, imagine having to remember not just their names, but the specific designated title for who they are within the family.

Of course, we have our “brother-in-law” and “second …

Jump into the 2 Korean Number Systems and Learn to Count in Korean

korean numbers

You’ve had a bad week: You didn’t know what floor your doctor’s office was on or which subway line to take. You missed catching up with your friend because you didn’t know exactly what time you were supposed to meet …