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Learn Korean with YouTube for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Learners


Some superpowers are overrated.

A fear of heights might keep you from using your flying abilities.

Your power of invisibility could get super annoying when you’re trying to get the barista’s attention to order your venti mocha.

But there’s one …

7 Advanced Korean Lessons Online to Get You Through the Final Stretch


If you’re here, you’ve probably gotten past the intermediate barrier and consider yourself an advanced learner.


Learning any new language is a challenging journey, but learning Korean is an exceptionally commendable achievement.

You may be thinking, “What now?”

Most …

The 10 Best Books to Learn Korean for Self-studying Beginners


There are so many incredible ways to learn a language nowadays.

You can opt for smartphone apps that specialize in bite-sized lessons for long-term casual learning.

You can travel abroad to learn a new language among dozens of other foreign …

20 Korean Listening Practice Options: Podcasts, Programs, Apps and More


Friendship is based on listening to one another.

Listening skills are also the backbone of language fluency.

The two certainly go hand in hand, especially if you want to make friends with Korean speakers.

When it comes down …

Korean From Zero! Review: What KFZ Can Do for You


It seems like everything Korean is a hot commodity right now.

K-pop is huge.

We’re seeing more and more Korean characters in movies and television.

Korean cuisine is working its way into mainstream American, Canadian and other English-language cultures.…

Write It out! Learn to Write Korean with These 7 Handy Tools

learn to write korean

If you’re a newbie to the Korean language, chances are you’re looking at 한글 (hangul) — Korean characters and wondering where to even start.

It’s an understandable feeling. If you’re only used to the way English works, …

How to Learn Korean Grammar: 11 Resources Every Student Should Try

how to learn korean grammar 2

“The greater part of the world’s troubles are due to questions of grammar.” ― Michel de Montaigne

Good ol’ Michel was right. Grammar can indeed be troubling at times, especially for language learners.

But grammar is the backbone of all …