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Language Lessons for the 21st Century: 10 Resources to Find Skype Korean Lessons


Long gone are the days when cellphones were only for talking and texting.

So are the days when Skype was only used to call family and friends that lived far away.

With its access to everything from formal lessons to …

8 Unbelievable Korean Learning Resources You Can Find on YouTube


Want to become fluent in Korean without ever spending a dime?

Then look beyond epic fails and prank videos, and see YouTube for what it can be—a truly amazing, accessible resource for learning the Korean language.

Wish you …

14 Different Places You Can Effectively Practice Korean Online


You’re at dinner with your friends and someone asks you, “Hey, I heard you’ve been studying Korean. How’s it going?”

You look at them, sigh, then say, “Not so good. You know, I’ve just been busy,” or “There’s just …

Quick Korean Confidence: The Top 6 Easy Books for Language Learners


You know that whooshing noise?

I hear it every time difficult Korean content flies over my head.

Now, it’s just a fact of life for language learners—especially in the beginning stages—that some books, movies and songs will go flying …

Want to Learn Korean? Think Like a K-pop Star!


Unless you’ve got some seriously sweet dance moves and a radio-ready voice, you probably don’t think you have much in common with Korean superstars like PSY, BoA and Rain.

Well, if you’re a Korean student, you actually share a

7 Striking Korean Music Videos for Extreme Visual Language Learning


Those ubiquitous K-pop videos are God’s gift to Korean language learners.

Not to get dramatic or anything, but they’re basically a life-changing resource.

You know why?

Because they’re hyper-effective at teaching you Korean!

You just have to look …

Famous Korean Singers: 5 K-pop Sensations Who Can Teach You Korean


Would you like to have a K-pop idol for a Korean language teacher?

Is it even possible?

Sounds like a dream come true.

It would probably be like winning the lottery or getting a nod from a big name charitable …