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The Korean Alphabet Song: 8 Resources for Learning the Basics


Eating paste.

Picking your nose.

Wearing a swimsuit over your clothes just because you can.

There are some things from your early childhood you’d probably rather not repeat.

However, there’s one early childhood highlight that you should do again: learning

Korean Language Exchange: 6 Handy Resources for Learners to Partner Up

korean language exchange

When it comes to speaking proficiently, nothing beats one-on-one conversations in Korean.

You can binge watch Korean YouTube¬†until you’re automatically saying “please subscribe” in Korean, but it’s not the same.

You can listen to K-pop music¬†until you’re dancing …

The Lowdown on “Learn Korean with BTS” (+19 More Resources for Fans to Get Fluent!)



If you’re a K-pop fan or, more specifically, an ARMY, chances are that just reading that made you scream awkwardly and draw the attention of those around you.

But did you know that BTS can help you learn …

Turn On the Tube! 14 Ways to Learn Korean with YouTube


Some superpowers are overrated.

A fear of heights might keep you from using your flying abilities.

Your power of invisibility could get super annoying when you’re trying to get the barista’s attention to order your venti mocha.

But there’s one …

8 K-pop Music Apps You Need in Your Life Now


You deserve some glitz and glamour in your life.

Sometimes, you just need to sing your heart out.

And let’s face facts: A little choreography never hurt anyone.

So it’s no wonder you love your K-pop.

And what …

Droid Drama! 8 Korean Drama Apps for Android


A rich man falls for a poor woman.

Someone becomes gravely ill.

A girl disguises herself as a boy because… umm… yeah, there was probably some thin premise to explain that, but who cares, anyway?

Regardless of what Korean drama

Find Your Seoul! 8 Great Options to Learn Korean in Korea


There’s magic around every corner.

The sights are spellbinding.

The experience is entrancing.

There’s no denying it: There’s definitely something special about seeing the world.

Apart from the obvious adventure, excitement and intrigue that comes along with travel, traveling can …