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Learn Korean with YouTube for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Learners


Some superpowers are overrated.

A fear of heights might keep you from using your flying abilities.

Your power of invisibility could get super annoying when you’re trying to get the barista’s attention to order your venti mocha.

But there’s one …

Get in on the Drama with These 7 Hulu Korean Dramas


Breakups can be hard.

Hulu and DramaFever used to be one of the hottest couples out there, with DramaFever hooking Hulu up with topnotch Korean dramas through their licensing deal.

But when DramaFever closed, Hulu was left alone.

Luckily, …

Learn Korean with Videos: 14 Resources for Easy Language Learning

learn korean videos

Textbooks can give you paper cuts.

Apps can aggravate your carpal tunnel.

Courses can be grueling.

Even the best Korean learning tools can have their drawbacks, but there’s a simple solution for the risk averse: learn Korean with videos.…

Wondering Where to Watch Korean Dramas? Try These 12 Sites!

where to watch korean drama

You might be an expert in the Upside Down.

Maybe you’ve formed a strong opinion on Steven Avery’s guilt/innocence/facial hair choices.

Perhaps you’ve watched so much “Fuller House” that you can thoroughly describe the contours of John Stamos’s beautiful face.…

Step by Step: 6 Steps to Learning the Korean Language

how to learn korean language

Teaching yourself Korean is a tad more complicated than your deep connections with each and every member of BTS.

But if you want to learn Korean without the intimidation factor, the entire process can be broken down into just

Learn Korean for Free with These 16 Amazing Resources

learn korean free

The old saying goes, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

Luckily, there aren’t any adages that say there’s no such thing as free Korean learning.

When it comes to learning Korean, you can get something for nothing. …

Sing up a Storm with These 12 K-pop Karaoke Resources

karaoke kpop




Girls’ Generation.

If you’re a fan of Korean music, just the names of these famous K-pop groups probably get your heart racing and your toes tapping.

You may even find yourself singing along while …