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Learn Korean with EXO: 11 Excellent Songs and So Much More


Korean pop music (K-pop) is delightful, enormous and addictive.

And it’s a wonderful resource for learners of Korean.

However, K-pop can also be a rather overwhelming industry, with thousands of groups and solo artists vying for airtime in an …

Pump Up Your Korean with K-pop Hangul Lyrics and Translations


Is there any music in the world as guaranteed to raise a smile as K-pop?

Even on days when nothing seems to be going right, it’s almost impossible not to shimmy your shoulders along to the rollicking beats and seamless

Korean Web Series: A Learner’s Intro to This Perfect Content


Bite-sized episodes, fast-paced storytelling and the biggest celebrities in Korea?

Where do I sign up?

Web series are an exploding business in Korea, where long train commutes and the world’s best free WiFi make smartphones by far the …

Heart ‘n Seoul: 7 Ways to Learn Korean in Seoul


Have you ever dreamed of wandering around Gyeongbokgung Palace?

Nibbling on 떡볶이 (tteok-bokki — stir-fried rice cakes) and 파전 (pa-jeon — scallion pancakes)?

Craning your neck to look all the way up at the top of Namsan Tower?…

How to Learn Korean Grammar Without Tearing Your Hair Out


Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of traveling to see the bright lights of Seoul.

Or befriending Koreans on the beautiful beaches of Jeju Island.

Perhaps you want to be able to sing along fluently to your favorite K-pop songs.

Or …

Easy as ABC: Learn to Read the Korean Alphabet in 3 Simple Steps


Imagine walking around Seoul.

Hopping on the metro without a moment’s hesitation.

Glancing at the signs on your way to your destination.

Passing a restaurant and thinking, “ooh yes, that’s exactly what I’d like to eat for lunch…”

Imagine …

Listen Up! Learn Korean Fast with 7 Awesome Audio Resources



Listen to me!

Listen to me when I tell you…

…to listen to Korean.

Are you itching to master Korean conversation? Want to watch a Korean comedy and understand every joke? Dying to nail that perfect accent?

Get …