Job Opportunity: Reach a Big Audience and Make a Positive Impact as a YouTube Video Producer

Are you experienced with all aspects of video creation and production?

Are you passionate about online education?

Do you want to reach and make a positive impact on millions of people?

Hiring deadline: This position has been filled. But we’re hiring for other positions here.  

This job might be for you if you:

  • love experimentation and exercising your creativity
  • are a broad thinker who is able to see the connections between things like language education, video editing, video production
  • like being able to set your own hours and work from home
  • don’t like drumming up new business or chasing down clients
  • are tired of working on one-off projects that don’t build up to anything meaningful
  • have an open mind and are open to learning new ways of thinking and working
  • like having a dependable, reliable stream of work
  • want to make the world a better place
  • are comfortable with a fast-changing environment.

You should NOT take this job if you:

  • are just looking for another client to add to your list of clients
  • like following instructions and being told what to do
  • want a narrowly defined role and like narrowly defined problems
  • like being the expert and don’t want to be challenged to think differently
  • don’t like needing to come up with ideas
  • are not comfortable in a fast-changing environment
  • don’t have a real interest or experience in online education.


Founded in 2011, FluentU is an online education company that has been distributed/remote since day one. We help people learn languages with real-world videos, including movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. We have a website, iOS app (usually in the top grossing iOS education apps), and Android app. we’re a profitable, stable, and growing company with long-term focus, and we’re proudly self-funded.

We get 5 million visitors per month on our blogs and have 100,000+ people on our email list.

This is a unique opportunity to be at the ground floor of our YouTube video strategy, which is still in the early stages.

It’s a unique opportunity to be part of a company which might be the perfect balance for you: still small/young enough to be nimble, but with the resources to try interesting things. 


This position is big in scope. It encompasses work that is usually split into separate roles (creative director + line producer) in big agencies.

It’s about working closely with video creators (talent + editors) to ensure that their videos:

  1. are engaging
  2. are educational
  3. in line with our brand and mission
  4. fulfill business objectives.

We produce a wide range of videos, so the people that you would work with is broad. It includes:

  1. our YouTube video creators (who write scripts, do voiceovers, and go on camera), editors, and animators:

You would also work directly with the founder ( in this position. You could think of the founder’s role as an “executive producer” who defines overall marketing and business goals in this context.

The day to day activities would include:

  1. providing overall guidance / standards / coherence on our creative direction
  2. helping attract/hire/select/vet video team members, which includes creators (ie. talent) and editors
  3. helping guide overall content strategy/direction (what should we make?) based on data and our strategic business priorities
  4. shepherding video creation from start to finish
  5. giving guidance and constructive feedback on improving scripts, video, and audio quality
  6. assessing/analyzing content performance and making continuous improvements
  7. evaluating, recommending, and implementing process improvements to improve efficiency and our video team experience
  8. paying attention to metrics / KPIs with regards to YouTube marketing
  9. YouTube marketing (eg. video title/description copywriting and YouTube SEO).

As you can see, the role is big in scope. The scope is subject to change (eg. it might make sense to go narrow and specialize more. It might also make sense to expand to other video platforms beyond YouTube.), especially as our team grows. But for now, we are in a stage where it makes sense to wear many hats.


We’re a 100% distributed/remote team. Here’s a little bit more about how we work:

Our ideal candidate:

  1. has experience as a creative director or producer
  2. has experience with digital marketing and with making videos for YouTube (experience with other platforms like Facebook would be a bonus).
  3. delivers candid feedback in a way that lands softly
  4. receives candid feedback with humbleness and a beginner’s/growth mindset
  5. is scrappy and happy to get their hands dirty when necessary
  6. has business acumen and understands that we are a business and not purely an artistic enterprise
  7. understands pedagogy and how to make educational videos
  8. is comfortable with change and loves experimentation
  9. is looking for a meaningful mission and wants to create something great.
  10. is able to work a minimum of 25 hours per week (pay is hourly: and is looking for something long-term.

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