11 Japanese Slang Words to Instantly Sound Japanese

japanese top 11 slang words

You’ve logged countless hours of Japanese lessons, grammar practice, and vocabulary memorization.

Yet when you talk to other people (aside from your teachers and fellow students), you realize you sound strange and stiff.

You may be wondering: will I ever

5 Essential Tips to Make the Leap from Beginner to Intermediate Japanese

5 essential tips leap from beginner to intermediate japanese

Are you a beginner in Japanese?

Do you want to go up to the intermediate level?

Sure, who wouldn’t?

It sounds great but…

…what does being “intermediate” even mean?

The definition of specific proficiency levels is hotly debated in the …

8 Great Tips to Improve Your Conversational Japanese by Inferring Subjects

boost japanese comprehension learning live subjects

Let’s indulge ourselves for a bit.

Japanese learners have it rough.

We’ve got to learn multiple character sets: hiragana, katakana, and kanji.

We’ve got words that look reassuringly familiar but actually mean something else.

And we need

6 Tips to Rock Your Japanese Job Interview

job interview1

Interviewing in your native language can be nerve-wracking enough.

Now you’re staring down the barrel of your first Japanese language interview.

In Japan, interviews require more than Japanese language skills, they require familiarity with Japanese etiquette and customs.

After learning …

5 Steps to Instant Japanese Immersion Without Leaving Home


Learning Japanese is pretty hard.

After all, you have to learn thousands of kanji, get the hang of seemingly simple loan words and learn the meaning behind aizuchi.

If only you could pop around the corner and visit

Learn Japanese With Manga in 6 Simple Steps

7 Tips Learning Japanese Manga

I was on a train from Narita Airport to Tokyo when I noticed that everyone seemed to be staring at me.

Why all the stares?

I was reading manga.

The Japanese people sitting in front of me were absolutely fascinated …

10 Useful Ways to Say Goodbye in Japanese

goodbye japanese

We all know how to say “goodbye” in Japanese. Right?

Believe it or not, Japanese people don’t walk around saying “sayounara.”

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Sayounara (さようなら ) is the direct Japanese equivalent of goodbye, but is …