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A for Effort! 7 Fun Japanese Quizzes to Skyrocket Your Skills

Remember when you were a kid in school and the teacher would announce, “Quiz tomorrow!”

You felt your stomach drop, right?

If you were like many of us, you knew that meant tons of studying mixed with anxiety about passing.

As a kid, pop quizzes were never fun.

But do you know why teachers give quizzes? I can promise you, it’s not to make your belly flip over!

Quizzes are given to assess skills.

We can learn so much by preparing for a quiz, while taking it and even after it’s over.

In fact, quizzes are excellent resources for Japanese learners. There’s absolutely no reason to dread taking them—and they can be loads of fun!

There are lots of free, effective and game-like resources for finding the perfect Japanese quiz (or two!).

Let’s check some out!

How Taking a Japanese Quiz Will Improve Your Language Skills

Japanese quizzes are beneficial supplements to any language program for many reasons.

For one, quizzes usually focus on a particular topic.

That is, you take a quiz on a segment of reading to check for comprehension, a particular grammar point or a specific set of vocabulary words and phrases.

Quizzing material in this manner encourages learning in blocks of related material. When you learn language topics that are logically grouped together rather than random lists of words, it’s easier to measure progress and stay on track.

Quizzes encourage this kind of learning!

As a matter of fact, research supports quiz-taking for learners. Studies find that students learn well when they know they’ll be quizzed on certain materials. They find unique methods for learning that make it easier for them to retrieve facts when presented with a quiz.

Finally, quizzes make it easy to monitor progress. You’ll be able to note areas of concern if you don’t make the grade you want.

Got a poor result on a grammar or vocabulary quiz?

No worries—apply extra attention to the target area to improve skills!

A for Effort! 7 Fun Japanese Quizzes to Skyrocket Your Skills

Transparent Language

japanese quiz

The Japanese quizzes from Transparent Language test you on materials presented in their learning program. However, you don’t have to enroll to access them!

The quizzes cover beginner conversational topics, so even without taking the course, any learner would benefit from taking them and wouldn’t have trouble passing.

Plus, the quizzes are useful resources for gaining additional language practice and checking proficiency, as they’re multiple-choice and the results are generated instantly.

Something else extremely helpful is that if you chose an incorrect answer, the quiz reveals the correct one after it’s been graded. It’s always useful to see correct answers—they help us learn from our mistakes!

The quizzes cover basic vocabulary, Japanese greetings, numbers and simple conversational topics.

Best of all, they’re fast, fun and super effective for checking your Japanese proficiency!


japanese quiz

Quizzes on FluentU are presented after each lesson, which are based on real-world videos taken straight from the internet.

As a result, it’s easy to find a Japanese quiz that covers any topic, whether you’re a beginner or advanced!

Plus, FluentU quizzes allow you to see how much you’ve retained after each lesson. But it doesn’t stop there. You want to remember everything you’ve learned even after taking a quiz, right?

Thanks to FluentU’s spaced repetition software (SRS) flashcards, you’ll naturally store words in your long-term memory, making them extremely difficult to forget.

Each video comes with interactive subtitles that allow you to click on words you don’t know to instantly see definitions, usages in context and example sentences.

Nihongo Pro

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If you’re looking for daily Japanese practice that doesn’t require an enormous chunk of time, Nihongo Pro’s got you covered.

One of the best features of Nihongo Pro is that there are new quizzes featured daily!

With a resource like this, it’s basically impossible to run out of quizzes. Plus, there’s a high chance that Nihongo Pro has a quiz on any topic you’re trying to master.

Their Japanese quizzes test all skill levels and of course, cover a variety of topics.

They feature grammar points and structures, vocabulary building, Kanji, idioms, cultural notes and much more.

There are even quizzes that help beginners navigate virtual classrooms by teaching phrases that occur between teacher and student.

These quizzes are fast and fun. And if you’re stuck on an answer, don’t worry!

Each quiz offers “lifelines” to help learners with their responses.

There are three lifelines for each quiz, and each of these three hints is designed to help you figure out the correct answer. Quizzes are also graded on the spot so learners can see exactly where they stand or how they’ve improved.

All the Tests

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These Japanese quizzes are super fun and really short. Taking them is like having a snack—a small bite of goodness that might make you smile.

The quizzes cover various topics, from basic vocabulary to cultural events.

Some test the sounds that characters make when spoken. Others present vocabulary words in a group and ask what they all have in common.

The variety of these quizzes make them interesting and feel less like a test and more like a trivia. So whether you have two hours to spare or 10 minutes, these quizzes are easy to take and quite honestly, addicting.

English-Japanese Vocabulary Quizzes

English-Japanese Vocabulary Quizzes is the go-to spot for grabbing tons of vocabulary practice. They cover so many topics and provide quiz results instantly.

The quizzes are divided by topics—and the subjects are extensive.

You can quiz yourself on basic subjects like food, family, conversational phrases, jobs, colors and more.

Or you can dive a little deeper into subjects like biology, medical terminology, academic vocabulary, occupational phrases and other advanced topics.

If you’re wanting to build a specialized vocabulary, English-Japanese Vocabulary Quizzes is the place to be. They’re also beneficial to anyone entering an educational or employment environment that utilizes industry-specific words and phrases.


Adjectives, verbs, vocabulary, oh my!

Japanistry provides free quizzes for Japanese learners on many important topics, like the essential ones mentioned above.

And the fact that these quizzes are specially designed for beginners makes them the perfect supplement to an online course, program or even a live class.

Not only do they offer quizzes on critical topics like vocabulary and grammar, but there are also quizzes on Kanji and Katakana available.

These short multiple-choice quizzes are fast and fun. They’re useful for targeting specific topics that might need some solid review or practice. You can take the quizzes more than once, so if one topic is particularly challenging, review a bit and then take the quiz again.

Digital Dialects

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Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, Digital Dialects has a Japanese quiz for you.

But there are more than quizzes available on this site—they also offer insight into the language, commentary on the difficulty of learning Japanese and tips for reading and writing Kanji.

The quiz topics include verbs, vocabulary, days and months, Kanji, greetings and much more.

A unique (but insanely awesome) feature of these quizzes is that some of them are in a game format. Thus, taking these quizzes feels more like playing on your phone.

Finally, all of them have easy-to-follow directions, provide correct answers and are designed to improve language skills.


We all know that the best way to learn a language is to practice. Practice translates into progress and progress leads to increased Japanese skills (and eventually, fluency).

Tracking, measuring, and improving your language progress with quizzes is an effective (and fun!) method for leveling up and gaining confidence in your growing skills.

So have fun, practice often, take a quiz or two and watch your Japanese language abilities flourish!

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