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How to Order Food in Japanese Without Looking Like a Fool

order food japanese fool

I was perplexed.

I’d ordered yakitori.

But what followed was a salad, vegetarian hotpot, and mixed rice with vegetables – and this was a famous yakitori restaurant.

Embarrassed, I ate what I could while wondering where I had gone wrong.…

The Ultimate Japanese Vocabulary List for Soccer / Football

ultimate japanese vocabulary guide soccer world cup

Like Japanese movies, dramas, and aizuchi, learning Japanese soccer vocabulary is another way to connect with other Japanese speakers.

To start, the nickname for Japan’s team is Samurai Blue (サムライ・ブルー).

Below are some soccer words and phrases …

Aizuchi: A Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Grunting Etiquette


Did you know that grunting is a natural part of Japanese conversation?

There’s a lot at stake.

If you forget to utter that “un”, “hai!” or “sou?”, then your silence could be interpreted as lack of interest or even disagreement.…