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8 Basic Japanese Phrases: A Survival Guide for the Newcomer

8-basic-japanese phrases survival guide newcomer

Traveling Japan without knowing Japanese is not for the faint of heart.

It is challenging to navigate Japan without at least knowing some basic survival phrases.

Street names are written in incomprehensible squiggles.

You don’t know the name of …

10 Useful Ways to Say Goodbye in Japanese

goodbye japanese

We all know how to say “goodbye” in Japanese. Right?

Believe it or not, Japanese people don’t walk around saying “sayounara.”

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Sayounara (さようなら ) is the direct Japanese equivalent of goodbye, but is …

10 Spooky Japanese Superstitions That Will Totally Freak You Out

10 bizarre japanese superstition

Did you ever hopscotch over sidewalk cracks because someone told you: “step on a crack, break your mother’s back”?

Who comes up with these things? There’s no doubt about it – our superstitions are kind of silly.

But don’t laugh …

8 Essential Japanese Verbs to Boost Your Expressiveness


Learning the Japanese language feels like wading through quicksand.

It can take years for a new language learner to finally achieve something close to fluency.

Looking for a way to speed up your Japanese language progress?

Learning key Japanese verbs

6 Japanese Words Everyone Thinks They Understand (But Don’t)

surprising japanese loanwords list

Have you ever tried to pass off an English word as Japanese?

It’s okay, be honest!

Every beginning Japanese learner has tried this trick.

Imagine my relief when I anxiously guessed kiru biru (キル ビル) and discovered it actually is

5 Conversational Japanese Phrases and How to Use Them Like a Native

5 japanese social phrases native

Afraid of making a huge faux pas with native Japanese speakers?

Ever wonder how Japanese textbook lessons translate to the real world?

You’ve already gotten off to a solid start with some basic useful Japanese phrases to use while traveling …

50 Japanese Baseball Vocabulary Words for Hitting a Conversational Home Run


There’s no denying Japan’s passion for baseball (野球 – やきゅう).

It’s a major part of Japanese culture.

The National High School Baseball Tournaments have become a yearly ritual.

Hundreds of thousands of Japanese gather in front of the TV and …