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16+ Must-know Japanese Gestures (and What Not to Do!)


Have you ever tried to speak Japanese over the phone?

It’s not any easier than speaking to someone face to face, is it?

In fact, it can be much more difficult.

When you can’t read a person’s face and …

How to Tell Time in Japanese in 3 Steps: Numbers, Vocabulary and Counters



This is an all-important phrase in both English and Japanese, and I’m sure you’re familiar with it in at least one language.

It means “time is of the essence.”

When it comes to learning Japanese, this phrase has

10 Phonetastic Phrases to Help You Crush Your First Japanese Phone Conversation


The telephone rings.

It’s your native Japanese friend.

At first, you’re psyched that she called you up!

Panic sets in.

Those thousands of Japanese words and phrases you’ve studied become a jumbled mess in your head.

Even after you’ve spent …

Going to Japan? Take This Complete Japanese Phrasebook Along with You


Japanese speakers don’t always make your life easy.

Whether you’re an advanced learner, a complete beginner or just someone gearing up for a trip to Japan, it’s hard to predict exactly what you might hear (or need to say) …

The Curious Learner’s Guide to Using Japanese Question Words


How are you?

Where is the train station?

Who framed Roger Rabbit?

No matter what language you are speaking, questions (and the words use to form them) are an essential building block to communication.

It is just not possible …

Onyomi and Kunyomi: Because What You Kanji Isn’t What You Get


In written Japanese, what you see isn’t what you get.

Picture this: You’ve just begun your journey into kanji.

Things are going well until you come across a kanji you thought you knew how to read.

You were sure …

45+ Anime Vocabulary Words for Japanese Newbies


Let’s be real.

For many of those interested in learning Japanese, it all began with anime.

There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re among friends here.

However, watching anime can be a daunting method for beginners to try to learn by