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Carpe Japanese-em! 21 Japanese Greetings for Seizing the Day


Confession: I have a crush on a Japanese man.

Well, not a crush exactly.

More like an intense reverence for his music and talents.

I first saw this gentleman perform in his band at a venue a few years …

17 Cute Japanese Words to Make You Sound Kawaii


It’s in anime.

It’s on Japanese television.

Even some of our Western admirers have appropriated it.

Yep, we’re talking about 可愛い (かわいい) — “cute,” known phonetically as “kawaii.”

Whether you’ve been learning Japanese for years or just have a …

How to Use Japanese Adverbs Masterfully, Excellently, Beautifully


You ran to the store.

Wait, let’s try that again.

You ran to the store frantically.


You ran to the unusually empty store quite frantically as the zombies chased you tenaciously.

Now we’re talking.

If you really …

Is It Hot in Here, Or Is It Just This Post About Japanese Pick-up Lines?


You’ve met someone.

You get butterflies in your stomach when you see them, and you just can’t seem to keep that smile off of your face.

You’re in love!

Maybe you’ve met while gaming with them, or you’ve bonded …

Kick Your Japanese Up a Level with Adjectives: 40+ Words to Master


Can you describe your world in full color?

Or are you stuck in black-and-white?

Let’s start adding some detail to sentences like 猫です (ねこです — It is a cat) and 男の子はパンを食べます (おとこのこは ぱんをたべます — The boy eats bread.)

With the …

16+ Essential Japanese Gestures, Plus Body Language to Avoid


Have you ever tried to speak Japanese over the phone?

It’s not any easier than speaking to someone face to face, is it?

In fact, it can be much more difficult.

When you can’t read a person’s face and …

Time Is of the Essence: How to Tell Time in Japanese Today



This is an all-important phrase in both English and Japanese, and I’m sure you’re familiar with it in at least one language.

It means “time is of the essence.”

When it comes to learning Japanese, this phrase has