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6 Tips to Rock Your Japanese Job Interview

job interview1

Interviewing in your native language can be nerve-wracking enough.

Now you’re staring down the barrel of your first Japanese language interview.

In Japan, interviews require more than Japanese language skills, they require familiarity with Japanese etiquette and customs.

After learning …

5 Steps to Instant Japanese Immersion Without Leaving Home


Learning Japanese is pretty hard.

After all, you have to learn thousands of kanji, get the hang of seemingly simple loan words and learn the meaning behind aizuchi.

If only you could pop around the corner and visit

The Ultimate Guide to Learning Hiragana and Katakana

write hiragana katakana

Can you read this message?


Well, did you do it?

If so, you are ready to learn to write in Japanese! (The message says “I am sad because you cut my sharp pencil in half on Sunday!”).

Learn to …

How to Learn Kanji: 7 Tips from a Guy Who Did It and Survived

how to learn kanji

It wasn’t exactly an auspicious start.

I started learning Japanese at age 27, a monolingual Midwestern American who barely passed my high school German classes and retained absolutely none of the material.

In other words, I was among the world’s

Dive into the Deep End with Japanese Listening Practice

master japanese listening diving deep

Until now, you’ve only been treading water in the kiddie pool.

It’s time for a new challenge.

Have you tried to improve your Japanese listening skills by watching dramas and movies, but still feel like you’re stuck in a …

6 Secrets for the Best Japanese Language Exchange


You can successfully order food at a Japanese restaurant, but how are your Japanese conversation skills?

If they need some work, or if your entire knowledge comes solely from textbook conversations, then you have a lot to gain through …