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5 Easy Ways to Practice Speaking Japanese Every Day


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Japanese teleprompter following you around?

If you ever forgot how to say the word you’re looking for or were unsure how to connect your thoughts, there it would be, feeding you perfect Japanese …

Journal On! 9 Journal Challenges for Creative Japanese Writing Practice

japanese writing practice

Have you ever mentioned that you’re learning Japanese and subsequently had someone thrust a kanji-covered abomination in your face, asking you to translate it?

For most beginner learners of Japanese, the writing system is, by far, the most intimidating thing …

13 Fun and Efficient Ways to Learn Japanese in Your Car

learn japanese in the car

The average American commuter spends a whopping 38 hours in a car every year.

Imagine if those 38 hours could go to your Japanese studies instead.

Whether you commute to work or school, go on frequent road trips or …

Snap, Flash, Study: 8 Steps to Learn Japanese with Pictures

learn japanese with pictures

Look to your left. Pick something you see. (If you’re next to a wall, that works.)

Can you name what you see in Japanese?

If so, great! Look to your right. Pick something else. Can you name that? What …

6 Diverse Jobs for Japanese Speakers with Different Career Interests

jobs for japanese speakers

So you’ve studied Japanese awhile, taken the JLPT and totally perfected your language skills.

You’re finally ready to put yourself to the test and snatch up your dream job in a Japanese-language office. Congratulations!

Well—that’s one way to …

6 Little Learning Tips That Stick Perfect Japanese Pronunciation to Your Tongue

learn japanese pronunciation

Have you ever seen the movie “Inglorious Basterds”?

Remember the scene where Brad Pitt has to pretend he’s Italian, but his American accent is painfully evident in his speech, almost blowing their cover?

It’s a pretty funny moment in the …

7 Things to Expect from Your Intermediate Japanese Lessons

intermediate japanese lessons

So you’ve passed the beginner’s stage of learning Japanese.

Perhaps you’ve taken some kind of test such as the JLPT or you’ve successfully completed an online class. Congratulations!

No matter how you got to this stage, you deserve a