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6 Diverse Jobs for Japanese Speakers with Different Career Interests

jobs for japanese speakers

So you’ve studied Japanese awhile, taken the JLPT and totally perfected your language skills.

You’re finally ready to put yourself to the test and snatch up your dream job in a Japanese-language office. Congratulations!

Well—that’s one way to …

6 Little Learning Tips That Stick Perfect Japanese Pronunciation to Your Tongue

learn japanese pronunciation

Have you ever seen the movie “Inglorious Basterds”?

Remember the scene where Brad Pitt has to pretend he’s Italian, but his American accent is painfully evident in his speech, almost blowing their cover?

It’s a pretty funny moment in the …

7 Things to Expect from Your Intermediate Japanese Lessons

intermediate japanese lessons

So you’ve passed the beginner’s stage of learning Japanese.

Perhaps you’ve taken some kind of test such as the JLPT or you’ve successfully completed an online class. Congratulations!

No matter how you got to this stage, you deserve a

Want to Become Fluent in Japanese? 6 Stones You Can’t Leave Unturned

how to become fluent in japanese

Japanese fluency demands around 2,200 hours of study time—that’s six years if you study for an hour a day.

There’s no way around it. You need to make Japanese a daily habit.

Otherwise, you won’t be prepared when someone drops …

Baby Steps: The Best Way to Learn Kanji Without Losing Your Cool

best way to learn kanji

Oy vey.

Kanji is pretty much the bane of most Japanese students’ existences.

It holds us back from fluency and seems at first to be completely impenetrable.

To be literate in Japanese, you need to know the roughly 2,000 …

Stroke of Genius: Learn Impeccable Japanese Stroke Order in 10 Steps

japanese stroke order

Want to attempt mastering Japanese stroke order without having a stroke?

It honestly doesn’t require the amount of blood, sweat and tears that you might be expecting.

Getting over that initial hurdle of learning the Japanese writing system (kana and …

How to Improve 8 Major Problem Areas for Japanese Learners of All Levels

how to improve your japanese

Have you hit a big ol’ wall while learning Japanese?

Do you feel like you’ve collided head-on with a giant pile of bricks?

Or maybe, instead of bricks, that obtrusive wall is built out of kanji and complex Japanese grammar