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It’s Super Effective! Learn Japanese with Pokémon


You’re addicted.

You can’t stop until you…

“Catch ‘Em All.”

That’s right: Pokémon.

There are so many of them! They’re waiting for you near waterfalls, taunting you from the tall grass, leering at you in dark caves.

If you’ve played …

Learn Anime Vocabulary: 3 Beginner-friendly Ways to Learn Japanese from Anime


Choose a topic. Any topic.

Science? There’s an anime about that.

Introverts? Yep, there’s an anime about those.

A girl who turns tiny and literally becomes her crush’s right hand? You’d better believe there’s an anime about that

5 Japanese Translation Exercises to Push Your Skills Beyond Their Limit


Daft Punk has some excellent life and language learning advice in their popular song:

“Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger.”

It’s a four-step process:

Step one: Work hard.
Step two: Get better.

Kana, Kanji, Go! Learn to Read Japanese in 3 Steps



あなたはこれを読めますか?(あなたは これをよめますか?)

Okay, okay—maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

You’re coming here to learn Japanese reading, right? So the above might not look like anything comprehensible yet.

But I can assure you that by the time you’re done …

3 Little Hacks to Learn Japanese While You Sleep Like a Log


Learning Japanese before my alarm goes off?

Yes, please!

Cramming in a few more fundamentals between hitting the “snooze” button (a few dozen times)?

Why not?

Okay, so maybe it’s not that easy. But you have to admit that …

6 Tips for Learning Authentic Japanese on Your Own


Ever have that dream where you’re taking a test you haven’t studied for?

Sitting at an uncomfortable desk, under pressure, with the clock ticking…

No matter how long you’ve been out of school, it never gets any less unpleasant.

What …

Beyond the Textbook: How to Learn Japanese in Japan


You’ve made up your mind: You’re going to Japan.

Fantastic! I couldn’t recommend a better step for continuing your studies.

We’ve said it before: Immersion is the key to fluency, and if you go to Japan to learn Japanese, you’re …