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9 Audio Resources for an Earful of Japanese Learning


Want to get your audio on?

Ready to hear real Japanese in conversation?

Looking for some gripping Japanese audiobooks?

Just need to hear a word pronounced correctly?

Come one, come all. We’ve got audio resources for all that …

Learn Japanese with Radio: 6 Student-friendly Online Options


Can you sense all the great Japanese learning opportunities around you?

They’re literally in the air…waves.

But it’s not surprising if you’ve never noticed them.

In this day and age, radio has unfortunately become somewhat forgotten.

We tend to lean …

Sing and Shake to Japanese Fluency with Fun Music for Language Learners


Picture yourself at five years old, sitting in front of the TV watching “Sesame Street.”

Now, can you still remember some of the songs you heard on that show?

How about the pop tunes you obsessed over as a teenager? …

The 6 Best Japanese Flashcard Sites for Flippin’ to Fluency


“Ugh, I knew that!”

Ever find yourself face-palming after forgetting a Japanese word you’ve totally learned already?

Or when a native speaker corrects an obvious grammar mistake?

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

It’s a natural part of the language learning

7 Essential Japanese E-learning Sites to Bookmark Today


You can learn Japanese without ever picking up a pencil.

You could even learn the language fundamentals without leaving your house. Or even your bed.

All you need is an internet connection and your favorite device.

That’s what e-learning …

7 Cool Japanese Learning Games for PC, DS, Smartphone and Tablet


“Stop playing games and do your homework!”

If you’re into video games, chances are very good that you’ve heard this sentence at least once in your life.

Yes, parents do mean well, even if they don’t understand the magic …

5 Different Ways to Discover Easy Japanese Short Stories, and Lots of Recommendations


Your dream’s come true, you’re finally in Japan! You’re surrounded by the busy Tokyo nightlife and a sea of neon signs.

If only you could read them.

In order to enjoy hanging out in manga (Japanese comic) cafes, make plans …