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Learn How to Speak Japanese Faster with These 10 Learning Hacks


Do you know why Batman is so incredibly cool?

It’s because he has that awesome utility belt with all those gadgets.

Well, I guess it’s also because he knows martial arts and has a ton of money and all. But …

Why Saying “I Want to Learn Japanese” Won’t Help You and How to Set Good Goals


I became a vegetarian in high school but that all changed about two days after arriving in Japan. I realized that it would be a sin to spend an entire year in the country without trying sushi, so I did.…

The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Typing, from Installing Keyboards to Using Them


When’s the last time you went a full day without typing something?

Typing is practically second nature to us these days.

We’re texting, writing essays, working online gigs, exchanging ideas and sometimes (or a lot of the time) having arguments …

How to Learn Japanese in a Month (Protip: It Takes a Lot of Hard Work)


You’ve probably seen blog titles like this before.

“Get Fluent in an Hour!”

“Learn 5,000,000 Kanji in Two Days!”

“Absorb the Knowledge of an Ancient God in 10 Easy Steps!”

These wild promises are pretty ridiculous.

Mostly because there’s

Learn How to Think in Japanese with These Awesome Tips, Tricks and Translation Ideas


Your thoughts make you who you are.

Your deepest, darkest desires. Your dreams and goals. Your fears and anxieties.

And they’re literally with you all of the time.

It’s the little voice that helps you remember your keys before you …

What Parts of Japanese Are Easy to Learn? 15 Areas Where Learners Catch a Break

japanese easy to learn

No language is easy. Not really.

That said, the difficulties of learning a particular language are often exaggerated.

Whenever I mention that I study Japanese, most people look horrified as the victims on “American Horror Story.”

“That must be …

The Winner’s Guide to Online Japanese Lessons

online japanese lessons

You’re a winner.

You know you need take your Japanese to the next level.

And since you’re a winner, you already know that you need some help from native speakers to do that.

So what’s keeping you from fitting