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It’s Super Effective! Learn Japanese with Pokémon


You’re addicted.

You can’t stop until you…

“Catch ‘Em All.”

That’s right: Pokémon.

There are so many of them! They’re waiting for you near waterfalls, taunting you from the tall grass, leering at you in dark caves.

If you’ve played …

Beyond the Textbook: How to Learn Japanese in Japan


You’ve made up your mind: You’re going to Japan.

Fantastic! I couldn’t recommend a better step for continuing your studies.

We’ve said it before: Immersion is the key to fluency, and if you go to Japan to learn Japanese, you’re …

Learn Japanese with Video Games: A Starter Guide


Chances are, if you’re learning Japanese, you’ve played some Japanese video games.

Playing video games in the original Japanese may even be one of the driving forces behind your quest for fluency.

And that’s perfectly okay.

In fact, it’s …

7 More Great YouTube Resources for Learning Japanese


YouTube is only getting bigger.

This means that videos of adorable kittens in peculiar predicaments are on the rise.

It also means that there are always more resources to take advantage of on your Japanese journey.

Are you using …