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What Is Manga? 5 Crazy Cool Japanese Comic Books You’ve Got to Know


Who didn’t love comic books as a kid?

Well, thanks to your need to study Japanese, you can love comic books again!

Manga, Japanese comic books, spans across all genres and appeal to audiences of all ages and stages.…

7 Cool Ways to Use Totally Informal Japanese


Hey, you—act casual!

What, you don’t know how?

If you started your Japanese learning adventure in the classroom, chances are pretty good that you learned the semi-polite, neutral way of speaking first.

There are many reasons for …

7 Famous Japanese Singers Who Can Teach You Authentic Japanese

famous japanese singers

So, what are Japanese natives listening to these days?

The Japanese music industry is vast and incredibly varied.

From bubblegum pop to rock, rap and the avant-garde, there is a sound to suit any taste.

The most popular songs tend …

75+ Essential Japanese Travel Phrases to Lose Yourself Without Getting Lost


Before I traveled to Japan for the first time with the intent to improve my Japanese, I was assured by everyone that I would barely need to use the language at all.

“Everybody speaks English there,” people said, so …

Eliza Thornberry Does Japanese: 16+ Japanese Animal Sounds You’ve Got to Know

japanese animal sounds

So, you’re starting to gain some fluency in Japanese, and you’re eager to converse with Japanese natives.

How about conversing with their pets?

Do you know how a dog barks in Japanese?

Do you know how a Japanese …

Baby Steps: The Best Way to Learn Kanji Without Losing Your Cool

best way to learn kanji

Oy vey.

Kanji is pretty much the bane of most Japanese students’ existences.

It holds us back from fluency and seems at first to be completely impenetrable.

To be literate in Japanese, you need to know the roughly 2,000 …

6 Fun Ways to Use Twitter for Interactive Japanese Learning


When was your last Twitter check?

Be honest…

If it was less than an hour ago, don’t worry—I feel you.

Many of us—myself included—can’t seem to kick that social media habit.

But what if I told you that Twitter …