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The Champion’s Guide to Japanese Pronouns

champion's guide to japanese pronouns

Japanese is not a big fan of pronouns.

But we English speakers love ’em.

How can we bridge this linguistic gap?

The first step is to recognize that, in Japanese, pronouns are inferred from context rather than directly indicated.

8 Essential Japanese Verbs to Boost Your Expressiveness


Learning the Japanese language feels like wading through quicksand.

It can take years for a new language learner to finally achieve something close to fluency.

Looking for a way to speed up your Japanese language progress?

Learning key Japanese verbs

6 Japanese Words Everyone Thinks They Understand (But Don’t)

surprising japanese loanwords list

Have you ever tried to pass off an English word as Japanese?

It’s okay, be honest!

Every beginning Japanese learner has tried this trick.

Imagine my relief when I anxiously guessed kiru biru (キル ビル) and discovered it actually is