9 Powerful Apps That Are Crazy Good for Learning Italian


The Italian language is a vast world to explore.

Fortunately for learners, you can stuff it in your pocket.

It’s easy to access all kinds of tools that make Italian more manageable, and you can find them online

18 Great Italian Podcasts of 2021 Every Italian Learner Should Listen To

italian podcasts

Yes, it’s possible to make a morning commute through Iowa sound like a drive to work in Florence.

Just swap out your silly American radio station for an equally ridiculous Italian drive-time radio podcast.

You can easily make learning

Sing Your Way to Italian Fluency with 7 Superb Songs


Darling! Delighted to lean together until the dawn is livid with mist!

Wait, wait! Come back!

I guess it sounded better in Italian.

That line, “s’appoggi pure volentieri fino all’alba livida di bruma,” is from a song by Vinicio Capossela …

Italian Audiobooks for Language Learners: The Definitive Guide


Today, I’m giving you some tremendous keys to a very important life hack.

Say hello to Italian audiobooks!

Because if there’s anything that’s been hitting all the right notes with Italian language learners, it’s these babies.

You’ve got the beauty …

Learn Italian Online! 9 Sites That Are the Next Best Thing to a Plane Ticket


Book a ticket.

Lose yourself in some small Italian coastal town where nobody speaks English.

Stay put for a few years.

You’ll not only learn to speak perfect Italian, but you’ll get some fine fish, wine and coffee.

Maybe …

So, You Want to Learn Italian? 5 Top Learning Tools You Simply Must Have


Whether you’re a seasoned learner of the most delicious language on the planet, or have never even tasted the word buongiorno (good day, hello), it’s wise to step back and look at why you want to speak Italian, and …