96 Essential Italian Travel Phrases and Words to Pack for Your Trip to Italy


Got everything you need for that Italian trip of a lifetime?

Passport? Check!

Camera? Check!

Cool sunglasses? Check!

That appetite for pasta? Oh, yeah. Check!

Now, how’s your Italian? Don’t forget to take some Italian travel phrases with you before …

Italian Music for Learners: 6 Essential Artists and 12 Top Songs

italian music

Looking for a fun, relaxing way to improve your Italian skills?

If so, Italian music is the perfect way to put a song in your heart…

…and Italian vocab in your head.

When most people think of Italian music, …

Hey, Listen! Learn Italian with Audio Thanks to 9 Rocking Resources


Learning to speak a new language can sometimes feel like trying to have a conversation underwater.

You can catch a word here and there. You can see facial expressions and hand gestures.

But it’s difficult to understand a full …

Not Just for Kids! 8 Italian Cartoons to Help You Learn Italian


All work and no play makes for a very grumpy and discouraged Italian language learner.

But learning Italian does not have to be all about putting your nose to the grindstone (or in your Italian-English Dictionary).

You can have …

Turn Your Language Skills Up to 11: 5 Bands for Learning Italian with Rock Music


Rock music has a unique place in Italian culture.

It’s been present in the country since the genre’s birth in the ’50s, but perhaps because rock isn’t native to Italy, it didn’t really explode onto the popular scene until the

The Ultimate Guide to Watching Italian TV Online


Ever feel like you watch too much TV?

Well, you probably don’t watch as much as the average Italian!

Italians love TV, and they watch more than just about everybody else in the world.

So next time you …

Learn Italian with These 6 Dubbed Children’s Movies


You’re rocking your grammar skills.

Your vocabulary practice is through the roof.

But short of catching a flight and dropping yourself in the center of an Italian town, how are you going to hear Italian used in the day-to-day