Extra! Extra! Learn Italian with News on 6 Outstanding Outlets

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This is Michael Cristiano from FluentU News, reporting live from your device of choice.

Here’s the scoop:

You can learn Italian through the news.

Sources confirm that it’s an effective, engaging way to practice reading, listening and much more.…

The Journey to Fluency: 7 Italian Intermediate Courses to Advance Your Language Skills


You’ve come so far. 

You started with nothing.

Maybe an old dictionary, a broken pencil and a few buongiornos (good mornings) and ciao, bellas (hello, beautifuls), but that was all.

Much like Dante in his tumultuous quest to p

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Just try surfing the internet for language learning resources.

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Learn Italian in the Real Rome: The Best Schools and Local Spots for Language Learners


For most students of Italian, it doesn’t take long for Rome’s towering ruins, vivacious piazzas and ancient cobblestone streets to start beckoning.

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How to Learn Italian Grammar: 6 Shortcuts and Secrets to Get You Talking Now


Learning Italian grammar isn’t exactly like zipping along a Grand Prix circuit.

Often, it’s much more like being stuck in traffic, hitting inconvenient detours or just spinning your wheels in mud.

For one thing, there’s just so much to remember.

Useful Italian Phrases That Separate the Travelers from the Tourists


Don’t just do as the Romans do.

Talk like them, too.

The different lifestyle, culture and, of course, language can get a bit overwhelming when you’re visiting a new country.

Sometimes you might feel tempted to hang out in the …

Eat Like a Local: 100+ Italian Restaurant Phrases for Ordering and Enjoying Authentic Cuisine


Italy has hosted some of my most marvelous restaurant experiences—and also some of my worst.

I’ve found myself eating granchio (fresh crab) while perched on a romantic lookout over the Mediterranean Sea…

But I’ve also been served farcical Italian cuisine …