8 Informal and Formal Italian Greetings for Friends, Family and Friendly Strangers


To open doors, just say the magic word.

Don’t overthink it—it’s nothing complicated or mysterious.

In Italian, the magic word is just a simple “hello.”

Saying “hello” is the easiest way to learn new things.

Just think of all …

Learn These Italian Travel Phrases for a Raucous Adventure in the Country


On a train into Italy from Switzerland, you’d likely pass gorgeous lakes, mountains, farms and vineyards.

You might roll into a small town and decide to stay there for a few days. You might eat simple but carefully crafted

Learn Italian with These 5 Great Immersion Programs in Sicily


It doesn’t take much more than a Google search for “Italy” to get completely absorbed in fantasy.

You can lose yourself for hours in dreams of leaning towers, amphitheaters and enough cattedrali (cathedrals) to make up for all the times …

FluentU Italian Is Now Available!

fluentu-italian-is-now-available (1)

Oh man, we’re really excited to share una bella notizia (good news) with you.

The wait is over!

FluentU Italian is available for your web browser, iPhone (or iPad) or Android device.

We know a lot of you …

The Present Tense Guide to Irregular Italian Verbs for Regular Guys


Want to talk about something as basic as going somewhere?

Wanting something?

Or even just being?

The common Italian verbs used to talk about those things—andare, volere and essere, respectively—are all irregular!

This can seem shockingly …

Unwrap the Present: How to Use This Essential Italian Tense


What do you eat for breakfast in Venice?

Can you see what I see?

For how long do you usually sleep?

Discussing any of these most basic questions about what you usually do, or what you’re doing right now, …

Master and Commander: How to Use Italian Commands Like a Total Boss


Why, you might ask, do you need to learn Italian commands?

After all, you’re not commanding an army at the gates of Rome.

Perhaps you’re not even a particularly bossy person.

All that may be true, but at some point …