7 Binge-worthy YouTube Playlists for Any Italian Learner

Remember when playlists were the in thing?

They were like mixtapes for millennials.

You’d make playlists of your favorite music for your friends and your crush.

You’d make playlists for every conceivable situation—cooking, hanging out, driving, driving in the rain while feeling angsty.

These days, playlists aren’t just for music and vibes.

They’re also a fun language learning tool thanks to YouTube’s video playlist feature.

You may already know about some of the many excellent Italian learning channels that can be found on YouTube. Often on these channels you can find tailor-made video playlists to teach you a topic start to finish.

They’re like ready-to-go lesson plans created by experts that you can follow on your own schedule.

Below, we’ll show you YouTube playlists that teach you Italian conversation, Italian grammar and several other building blocks you need to learn a new language.

What Makes a Great YouTube Resource for Italian Learning?

  • Caters to multiple skill levels: When finding YouTube channels or playlists to learn from, you should look for resources that continue to challenge you as your knowledge grows. Try to aim for resources that have both beginner and intermediate videos (at least!) for you to learn from.

This will help you keep your momentum up in your studies. You won’t need to waste time searching for new videos, and you won’t need to get familiar with a new video’s style or a new narrator’s accent every time your skills jump up.

  • Entertains you: Here’s the bottom line—if you don’t enjoy what you’re watching, you won’t get anything from it. Your attention will wander and you won’t get the education you were hoping for.

So look for animated hosts, funny lessons and other quirks that might catch your attention. Make sure you enjoy the videos you’re watching!

  • Has varied videos: No one wants to hear the same things over and over and over. It’s not enjoyable and it’s not helpful. Look for resources that give you a variety of learning experiences.

I’m talking vocabulary, grammar, slang and colloquial phrases, pronunciation and even videos to just make you laugh! As long as you can shake it up from time to time you’ll keep your learning interesting.

How YouTube Videos Can Help You Learn Italian

Can you really learn Italian by watching YouTube? Consider these benefits:

  • Many of these Italian playlists come with captions, supporting text or visual aids to help you understand what you’re hearing. This boosts both your listening and reading comprehension skills.
  • You can watch these videos on your own schedule and at your own pace. Slow down the audio if you need to understand better. Watch a video every morning as you get ready for work. It’s up to you!
  • As noted above, great Italian YouTube videos are entertaining! It’s a fun way to learn that’ll keep you moving forward toward fluency.
  • If you use FluentU, you can learn from authentic Italian videos, too, even if you’re a beginner.

    FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

    You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Click here to check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

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    It’s a great first step into real-world Italian, but with all the benefits of video learning mentioned above.

Plus, FluentU comes with interactive features to ensure you’re actually learning from the videos! There are clickable captions that’ll teach you any unfamiliar word, as well as flashcards and exercises tailor-made for each video.

7 Great YouTube Resources to Help You Learn Italian

Verbademy’s Italian Course for Beginners

As the name suggests, this playlist from the YouTube channel Verbademy is a great way to learn and practice Italian verbs. Gloria, the host, teaches you both regular and irregular Italian verbs.

With 21 videos, most of which are shorter than five minutes, this playlist doesn’t feel like too much to take on.

Along with verbs, Gloria teaches helpful conversation in her videos. You’ll learn how to talk about the weather, coffee, people’s appearance and helpful travel phrases. She explains her lessons in English, so Gloria’s playlist is a great place for beginners to start.

Marco Nisida’s Learn Italian Course

This 20-video playlist is taught by Marco Nisida. An Italian native himself, Marco focuses largely on useful Italian phrases. He also teaches some grammar and offers exercises to practice pronunciation.

Throughout this playlist Marco also works in art, culture and music, among other aspects of Italian culture.

Marco’s main priority is to offer practical lessons that are also enjoyable. He built these lessons based on his day-to-day life in Italy. He makes learning easy by speaking slowly, emphasizing pronunciations, providing English translations and bringing his passion for the language to every video.

Dolce Vita’s Learn Italian in 30 Days Tutorial

On a time crunch? If you need to learn Italian fast, this playlist from the Italian learning channel Dolce Vita (Good Life) promises essential language skills in a month.

The hosts will teach you common words and phrases, and demonstrate how they’re used in real-life situations. Marina and Luca, the channel’s hosts, bring energy and fun into the lessons they teach. They’re friendly and lighthearted while keeping things focused.

If you find you need a break from language learning videos, you can also check out the rest of their channel, where they have videos on Italian cooking, Italian culture, travel and even a few silly ones.

This can help break up your language focus time into more manageable and enjoyable chunks. No matter what level of Italian you’re currently at, Dolce Vita will be entertaining and educational!

Learn Italian Like Crazy from LearningLikeCrazy

In this playlist, the instructor Sabrina teaches conversational Italian at an introductory level. You’ll learn greetings in Italian and some beginner-level basic phrases.

Though these videos mostly focus on vocabulary, you’ll get into some verb work as well. You’ll also find some videos that fill you in on further learning opportunities that are available on their website.

These lessons are very simple and easy to follow. Any beginner would find them to be a perfect learning tool and a great first step.

MIT’s Speak Italian With Your Mouth Full Course

This playlist is different from the rest, but it’s a very fun one!

This recorded course from MIT teaches you Italian from the kitchen. The instructor, Paola, teaches Italian vocabulary and pronunciation, while also instructing students in cooking. The lessons are broken up by focus (some videos are cooking lessons, some are explicitly language lessons). This makes them easier to tackle.

It may be a little harder for complete beginners to jump into a course that’s so specifically aimed, though a number of foundational topics are covered. That being said, if you love to cook or would like to bulk up your kitchen vocabulary (and recipe list!) these lessons are for you.

Lingo Lab’s Beginner and Intermediate Courses

Lingo Lab offers two main playlists for beginner and intermediate learners. The beginners’ playlist is satisfyingly long, clocking in at nearly 70 videos. Each video is thorough and teaches both grammar and vocabulary.

Claudio, the host, explains everything in English. He emphasizes the importance of pronunciation, and even spends entire lessons on the letter Z or the sounds of “gn” and “gl.”

The intermediate course is relatively new but already covers some fun topics, like translating lines from “Harry Potter” into Italian.

The visual aspect of the lessons are uniquely presented and very helpful for learning. Claudio presents you with a computer screen as if you were in a classroom with a projector. You can easily follow along as he types or points with his mouse. He also uses fun images to illustrate his lessons!

Overall, this is a very detailed and enjoyable resource, no matter what level of Italian you currently speak.

OneWorldItaliano’s Corso di Italiano (Italian Course)

The channel OneWorldItaliano takes the immersion approach to learning. You won’t find very much English here at all. Veronica, the host and teacher, focuses entirely on Italian. She relies on costumes and props to help students understand what she’s saying.

While this may seem intimidating, don’t worry. These videos are meant for everyone from beginner to intermediate. Veronica speaks slowly and repeats herself enough that even the most beginner Italian student can eventually understand.

The immersion style of learning forces you to work, putting together what you already know and learning new words through context. It can be difficult to get used to, but it’s a great way to learn. After all, it’s how you learned your primary language!


If you want to truly learn a language, you need to have a firm grasp on every aspect. For this, YouTube is an indispensable resource. It allows you to hear a language properly. It brings native speakers into your home, so you can learn from the best and conquer even the hardest pronunciations. These are the skills you need to completely master Italian!

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